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WordPress Installation Service

WordPress Installation ServiceI love WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, and even Magento to name some. I know how they work and have learned how to make them do whatever you need. If you are not sure how to set WordPress up on your server then I can certainly help you. You don’t have to pay me to do it though. I will outline how to do it if you want to try it yourself.

Look no further than this website for a WordPress example. I built this and learned along the way. We all start somewhere. Each day I add more to it and treat it as a living document that the world can see. Unlike the design portfolio, it’s difficult to reference sites I have done because I have taken them down or I did it with an NDA for freelance work.

Sites That I Have Setup

I have setup around 1,000 WordPress installs in the past 10 years or so. It has become second nature and most web hosting comes with one-click install so you may not have to do anything other than a simple click. If you don’t know where to start then this is for you. I want you to understand how it works and how easy it is to do.

  • Adam Mulholland .com (WordPress)
  • AM Podcast Network – Being re-designed and developed. (WordPress & Xenforo)
  • Vince Wylde (WordPress)
  • There are many more that I have removed from the internet.

There are more but those listed have had a lot more than just an install. Let’s jump to how to install it yourself using your web host.

How To Install WordPress Yourself

I want to be clear that I am showing you 2 ways to install WordPress. There are many others using CLI or locally then install when you are ready and so on. I just want to show these 2 ways because if you are here it’s because you are unsure where to start. I want this to help you. You can do some of this through FTP, but I am just going to do it using the cPanel.

Easiest Method

Step 1: Simply log into your cPanel or whatever the type of interface (GUI) your host uses. Scroll down to Softuculous as pictured below and click on WordPress.

cPanel Softaculous WordPress

Step 2: Next you will be sent to the next screen where you can look at other software choices and just click Install Now.

cPanel Softaculous Choices

Step 3: Here are the sections you will need to fill out in order to make it happen. Fill out the information and keep the details in something like Notepad or text editor. Fill in your site info. You can see for me it filled it out a bit.

Softaculous WordPress Section 1

Scroll down and fill in your admin details and use something different than admin. Also, use a very strong password. You will see I filled mine in with dummy information.

Softaculous WordPress Section 2

Next, fill in what you want for your database info. I also make this unnecessarily difficult with strong passwords and names. You can name it whatever. Here you will see it tried to generate something easy.

Softaculous WordPress Section 3

Finally, choose your theme and fill in your email to have the details sent to you for your records. Once you are ready, click Install and that is it. It will do everything for you and you have installed WordPress by yourself. Your hosting environment may have something else that does the same thing. I just wanted to show it using my environment.

Step 4: Go build your website!

Harder Method

Creating the MySQL Database

Login into your cPanel or whatever you have and build your MySQL database and make sure you copy the info to a .txt file or somewhere safe. I keep mine on my local server and backups on thumb drives. No pictures for each step this time. They are too small but will use them for the bigger areas. Here are the steps…

  1. In cPanel, locate & click on the MySQL databases. We don’t need the Wizard for this.
  2. Fill out the line under “Create New Database” field. Then click “Create Database”. On the next screen click the “Go Back” link.
  3. Next, scroll down to “Create New User” and choose the name. Either come up with a password or use the Password Generator. I use the latter. The click “Create User”. You will then click the “Go Back” link and finish the last database task.
  4. You now need to give the new database user access to the new database. Scroll to the bottom and find the “Add User To Database”. Make sure to select the right user (if there are others), and the right database (if there are others) and click the “Add” button”. Finally click “All Priveledges” and the “Make Changes” button. The database is now ready.

Hopefully. you have the following in your text file.

  • Database Name:
  • Database User:
  • Database Password:
Creating the HTML Directory

Next, we need to take care of the files and that process is easy too. If you know FTP you can use it for this. We will go through the steps using the “File Manager” option in the cPanel. Let’s run through the steps.

  1. Make sure you download the newest WordPress release in the .zip format.
  2. Make sure you are in either the www or public_html directory and click the upload option. A new window will open up and you can add file and upload the WordPress .zip file. Close the tab once complete.
  3. Reload the directory and click on the .zip file you just uploaded. You will have it selected and above click the “Extract” link. Once it’s done, click “Ok” and reload the directory. Delete the .zip file and that leaves you with the “WordPress” folder. Double click on the folder icon to the left of the folder and click “Select All” then the “Move” icon. You will remove the /”WordPress” (just the word) and click okay.
  4. Finally, select the “WordPress” folder and delete it. You now have all the files ready and we can move onto the last part.
Installing WordPress In the Browser

Finally, go to your website URL in the browser of your choice and you be greeted with the WordPress install wizard. No steps needed here. Just like the easy way you are just going to fill in the information and click through the screens. Just make sure you leave the localhost option there. Just change the database information. Once it installs you will fill in the site information and make the admin account. That is it.

Make note of the admin URL. It should be

Congrats on installing WordPress. Now the real work begins!

Adam, I Need You

Okay, if you do not feel comfortable or something just isn’t working then I will help you. For a simple install, it’s $10, if it is complex and takes more time then it’s $20. Email me and tell me what the problem is at [email protected] We can go from there. I want people to see how easy this can be.

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