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Why You Need Periscope in Your Content Strategy

Using Periscope in Your Content PlanPeriscope has hit the app store hard thanks to Twitter buying it up and integrating it into the platform. People have been testing the waters with it and others have already begun building a strong audience. This is so much different than Vine because it’s live streaming audio and not a 6-second clip. This is also much more that adds onto YouTube and Twitch because of what it brings to the conversation.

Simply start broadcasting and anyone can join in and begin watching, commenting, and giving hearts. I didn’t start my account until July, 2015 and I am already hooked on it. It should be noted that I am not going to discuss Meerkat which is very similar but not integrated with Twitter. I don’t use it and Periscope is more than enough for me to add to my content portfolio.


  • 10 million registered users as of 8/15/2015
  • 2 million daily users
  • 350,000 hours of daily feeds
  • Available in 25 languages
  • Periscope has 23 employees
Stats provided by DMR

If you are looking for another way to extend your social reach or just add something special for your followers, then this is a great choice. It’s mobile only and a direct avenue for your fans to interact with you. You can live stream with Google Hangouts or even Twitch, but this is mobile only and very simple. I jumped in and I think you should too. It’s perfect for the person or company to broadcast on a regular basis. The only suggestion I will add is to get a tripod with an adapter to hold your phone or just try to hold steady the best you can.

Note: this is not a tutorial on how to use Periscope. If you want me to create one then I will, but I think there are more than enough on YouTube and the internet already. That’s how I learned. This is about why you should use it.

Why Periscope Matters

Periscope matters because we are now in an age where mobile has done more than just develop a crowd. It has completely exploded and this is how people connect in real-time and provide real feedback. When you setup the video feed, you enter a title for it and click broadcast. If you don’t understand from that statement on why this is important then consider the barrier-to-entry. In this case it’s a mobile phone, an app and then just a few clicks and anyone in the world that happens to be on the service can join in and watch you. Combining this with Twitter’s platform and you’ll have instant access to almost anyone on the service.

When it comes to marketing and branding this is very impactful. People want to interact with content creators more and more as technology invades our lives. We are hyper-connected and ready to tune in on a moment’s notice. Digest that and I think you will find an audience craving more. Give everything you can and they will be there.

You may be a blogger or YouTuber and crank out content that your fans love. What if you added a 10-minute session on Saturday morning also to your normal schedule just for your loyal crowd. You can notify your Twitter followers and tell them you are on, or you can schedule it and allow them to know in advance that this will happen. This opens up a new way for those fans to get to know you. The less friction between you and them, the easier you can grow your audience. Let me give you a quick run down on the features as well before we move to the next section.

  • Your video stream is only available for 24-hours then it’s gone. You can delete it anytime before that as well.
  • People can tap the screen while watching and that gives you a heart. It’s just like saying I love what you are saying right now.
  • You get statistics after your video is finished so you know things like how many people watched, how many hearts, average watch time…etc.
  • You don’t have to have a Twitter account to use Periscope but that’s like cutting off your nose despite your face.
  • The interface takes about 1-minute to learn.
  • People can comment in real-time as your are speaking.
  • You can save the video (without the comments and hearts) to your phone.
  • You can use your computer and do screen capture to record and save your video with comments and hearts.
  • You can instantly watch any live feed going on around the world at anytime. This is you being the fan :)

Who Periscope Matters To

Periscope matters to everyone. No one is excluded and there is a live feed for every single topic out there. Just find your favorite people on Twitter and search for them in Periscope.

Now, while everyone fits into Periscope in some form or fashion, I want to talk about two types of Periscope streamers. These will be the individual and the brand and why Periscope particularly matters to you. I personally use my individual account and I also use my brand account to reach a different segment of audience members.


Individuals like myself that are trying to get “internet famous” need this tool to reach out quicker to our audience. Live streamers are publishers and as such need to continue giving the fans content. Periscope is instant and people are clamoring to watch interesting feeds. This is our chance to get personal or intimately engaged with our audience. It’s also a way for us to allow the fans to peak into our world and see how our vacation is going or the parade we are attending. We can include our audience anywhere we go and now with full integration on mobile. No editing required which absolutely gives Periscope an edge in the video segment. I hate editing video and now I don’t have to. Perhaps this is just me.


Brands need to look at this tool in a different way. You have to choose who will be your customer-facing voice. Who in your company will represent the brand properly and ensure that your customer base is getting the very best offerings when they tune into your feed. That can be difficult depending on what type of company you have. That individual should have great speaking skills, personable, project empathy when needed, and have buy-in on the brand to make the experience feel intimate. These individuals are not common but they do exist. Choose the best person that you can and make sure that they are the consistent voice to the Periscope audience.

After you have the voice for the company you have to focus on the content. What will you bring for those audience members? Is it a Q & A about the company or product? Perhaps an update on a new product or another announcement of some sort. The point of the content should be interesting and shareable. You want those audience members to tell the friends and to tune-in for the next session. This matters because with this tool your company potentially has a quick pipe to your consumer. That is not only important, but also something your competitors may not be offering and could be the marketing edge that people connect with.

How to Think About Periscope in Your Content Strategy

Every blogger, podcaster, or YouTube should be all-in on Periscope and thinking about what kind of value that it brings to their fans. Live video can be very compelling to your audience as a separate avenue to connect with you. Perhaps some will even think of it as special. Maybe you can add this to a Patreon account as a gift for a certain financial commitment level. You could create a private feed for only a small group of supporters and make this a personal gift. I know having this as a reward would make me feel as though I was in an exclusive club.

You can always announce to your followers that you will broadcast every Saturday at 10:00am for 30 minutes. That’s just an example but this could be a regular thing that your followers could really enjoy. It’s about making this special and in addition to what you normally do. It’s very easy to setup and distribute as well as building brand loyalty. I am a firm believer that Periscope is vital to any strategy that utilizes Twitter. Together you can build a strong audience that cheerleads for you or your brand. I want everyone talking about me and I am sure you would feel the same.

Don’t forget to add me on Periscope as well so we can connect on the weekends: @adam_mulholland

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