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Why Content Stacking Is Important

Why You Should Content StackWhat is this content stacking anyways? On top of that, who is doing it and is there real value in it just to add layers of complexity? Some people haven’t even heard of this buzzword before. I doubt that I made it up and I am certainly not claiming to have done so. It’s a fun buzzword though that simply means using a variety of mediums to market the same message or idea. My blog here is a prime example considering that I offer text, images, audio, and even video to get my thoughts out about one topic at a time. It’s not easy, but it is invaluable to reach a bigger audience.

If you are stuck or have plateaued in your organic audience then you might be missing this tactic. Not many people venture out of their comfort zone and it’s understandable. Not all of us want to be at center stage when it comes to being in front of a camera or a microphone. You simply have to throw caution to wind and just do it. I don’t have a radio voice but I am not going to miss an opportunity to record and get my content into the ears of people that might check out my blog or join my email list later. It’s a win if even one person tunes in and comes back on a regular basis. I need more eyes, ears, and engagement and I am sure that you do too!

The days of us just pushing text out to our audience is over. Even just the act of podcasting alone isn’t enough. I have written about being a publisher rather than a blogger, or YouTuber. The reality today is that we have to be everywhere and on-demand if we want to be seen or heard. I understand it’s tiring and hard to commit to, but we need to content stack. I am only one person with a full-time job and yet I still force myself to create as much content as time allows. We can do this together!

What is Content Stacking?

Content stacking brings all of the normal formats of content creation together just like layers of a cake. Consider sitting down and writing a 500-word blog post, then telling a few friends on Facebook about it. Not a lot of people are going to come and read it nor will Google hurry up to index it. However, if you created additional resources to accompany that blog post, you would have created a content stack. You can take the same idea and transmute them into other mediums that compliment your blog post. The follow is a list of some forms of content that you can stack with.

  • Podcasting
  • Transcriptions
  • Blogging
  • Video/YouTubing/Blabbing
  • Narrating
  • Slideshows
  • PDF’s/Doc’s/Checklists
  • Photography/Image Galleries
  • GIF’s/Vines

It is reasonable for you to write your post, let’s say on cats (the internet loves cats), then narrate your post into an audio-blog (like the one you may be listening to right now), then take some pictures of cats that flow visually with your topic. Additionally, you could create a slideshow and a video to embed into your post as well. All of these layers can now be pushed across several platforms to increase your exposure. Your visitors now have a choice on how to consume your thoughts. This is not just respectful of your audience, but also a way to build your library of content that you can pick from down the road.

I personally do this. I take one thought and try to create it in many different mediums so I can hit a larger pool of eyes and ears. It’s simply too easy not to do this. People may just want the audio for the road, or watch a video while eating their lunch in front of the computer. Many people still would rather curl up in a blanket and read your post on their Nexus or iPad tablets. With options, comes many different paths to choose from and flex your creativity. I want everyone to hear me, read me, and watch me. You should want that too.

Who Should Think About Stacking All This Content?

Anyone that can be successful in creating multiple formats of content and that also want to build more than just a casual presence. Some people maybe aren’t made for video or audio and that’s fine. Those that can still find ways to spread their ideas into other formats will drive their numbers up. Everyone should be content stacking. It’s not a difficult thing and you don’t have to do all of those formats that I listed above. Even if you just start with 2 or 3 ways to deliver your point you are still maximizing beyond your normal presentation.

But Adam, I don’t have a microphone or camera?! That’s cool, but you probably have a webcam or a cellphone. Use it! There are ways you can deliver these stacks to your audience. You need to be creative and think outside the box.

There is no one today that can’t broaden their reach by increasing their output. Content stacking is real and people will notice. Even when I was live streaming on Blab yesterday talking about this exact topic, people were surprised by this “brand new” idea. Some never thought about narrating their posts or simply creating another avenue for their fans. This concept isn’t new, but it hasn’t been pushed before and I am now trying to do just that. I want to see more content creators hustling and executing on their content game. I want people to give so much that it hurts. Your audience is going to see that you are going the extra mile and build a stronger bond with you.

Right now you are reading or listening to this and maybe you are brainstorming on what you can add to your array of content. I want you to finish reading or listening to this then go back through your past content and revitalize it with a Google Hangout, a Blab session, or even a podcast that you can embed it into those pages. You can extend your message so easily by allowing people to consume it in a format that suits their current situation. Crazy right? You are a publisher and not just a “one format person”. Don’t tell me you are just a blogger. Don’t tell me you are just a podcaster. Get out of here with that! You publish content and you are not defined by one medium.

If you just shrugged after reading or hearing that, then this is probably not for you. Not everyone will fit into this type of activity and I understand this. Hustling and executing is hard which is why only a few truly make it to the top. I watch too many people take the time to read, listen and watch only to never do anything more. They are not bad people in the least. They are ones that don’t have a support group or drive to push them. We all need someone to tell us to hustle.

Is Content Stacking A Real Advantage?

Yes. Content stacking is real and it is making huge inroads for many creators that are churning out that sweet, sweet stream of content. I have seen my numbers rise as I include additional formats. There are many people that have successfully found a larger audience by maximizing their messages as well. Think about who you follow and then consider how many platforms and mediums they produce in. The people that have risen to the top know that you have to do more than you are currently doing. They know they have to stack. It’s the reality in today’s global reach, and while I didn’t cover it, stacking also includes translating your content into other languages if possible. Yes, that’s real too.

Ask yourself the hard question…are you stacking? Take a look at your portfolio and find a way to adapt pieces into another format.

Remember though, this isn’t “repurposing” content. You are simply giving your audience a choice in how to consume the same idea through content stacking. Repurposing means to take the idea and transform it into many different things that morph into other ideas or for mere marketing opportunities. I would argue that it is not stacking. Stacking keeps the idea together and builds upon that thought. I just don’t want you calling content stacking “repurposing” because it’s not. While it can be close, it’s not what I am driving after.

When I write a piece of content, I tend to already think ahead on how I want it to deliver it to the masses. Even finishing this post makes me think out my steps to present it to you. Before I hit publish I will narrate it, upload that file to the server, then pull the Blab I did yesterday and embed it from YouTube once it has been uploaded. I have a lot of posts that I need to stack and you probably do too. This takes an enormous effort and it’s exactly why it’s an advantage. It’s too much work for the vast majority of content creators. Just adding one layer puts you above most of them. Consider the reality of most websites and how they present their works. It’s one dimensional and they miss out on connecting with their audience because they didn’t execute. They didn’t dig in and do more.

The down and dirty is that people who stack are winning. I don’t want to hear that you just do video anymore. I especially don’t want to hear that you don’t have a website. You need to be taking advantage of this technique to crush your competitors. I want to be where there is too much content to consume, but all of it is awesome. Make me feel guilty that I am not on your email list, not subscribing or donating to your cause. Make me, the reader, feel like I owe you something because you stacked so hard that I am now forced to go out and learn about everything you do.

Together we stack, and together we win!

Below is a Blab I did on October 12th and I covered stacking along with a lot of goodness. This is the best one to date and others will drop even more information. If you are on Blab consider following me so we can meet up and exchange ideas together.

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