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Where I am Today, and Why I am Deleting 95% of My Stuff

New Beginnings Feel GoodI was going to do this over at Google Plus and I realized that I, once again, was giving my creativity away for nothing. I need to really stop doing this. I want to talk about where I am right now in my life. If for no other reason then so maybe my kids can see this and understand me a little more. I am extremely creative. Don’t worry, not so creative that I have a Wikipedia page…yet. Rather, I am creative behind the scenes through personal phone calls or through emails with people I run into in forums or groups. I am crazy nice in giving my ideas, knowledge, and positive motivation away to others. So much so that I am stopping it. What?!

Over the last decade, I have spawned at least 6 companies that I know of by teaching others how to execute ideas. I share my thoughts and wisdom and then some event will happen that will trigger them to take a risk and run with it. That makes me happy. Helping others has been a huge thing for me. Most of the time it works, and other times it doesn’t. During the last 10 years I have founded two companies, taught many people how to run a business, helped with marketing, and so much more. In many ways I have been a very successful consultant for others multiple times over. That’s where I kind of fucked up. I gave it all away and never asked for anything in return. I struggle to say no or to even set a price. I am a really bad capitalist in this aspect, which many would applaud me for not being about the all mighty dollar and actually caring about the people. I let my inability to focus take over and, at one point, amassed 850 websites that I created. Yes, that is a very true number.

I was down to 22 websites over the last couple years, and my goal is to now get to 2. This personal/professional website and my project. That’s it. Everything else is going to be archived, sold, or I will let it expire. Unfortunately, it will pretty much wipe out my portfolio and put me at risk to be completely ignored by potential clients. I don’t care though. My self-respect is more important than anything else.

I am doing this because my family deserves better. In all of the ideas I have had, the motivation I gave to others, or wisdom I imparted to other business owners, I have received nothing in return for the majority of my efforts. That’s not to say it wasn’t appreciated by the receivers. That’s also not to say I am upset about it at all, seriously. I contributed on a grand scale to the benefit of families, society, and maybe even more than that. Ideas are precious and I am thrilled to be a very unique person that seeps creativity that most people could only dream about. I promise I am not intentionally “tooting my own horn”. Writing this is actually very humbling for me. After all those years of giving, I am still at square one. Not much to show for it all. No money, no tangibly successful website, or even a large following on a social network. All that, is what others have after I gave them what they needed.

So this week I have decided to remove almost all of it that has gone nowhere or that I need a dedicated team to maintain it. Social media pages, groups, websites, Reddit, and anything else that is a distraction. I am going to instead start my path on taking 1-2 ideas to the people. I am going to limit my consulting to others unless they are paid opportunities, or they are to the benefit of many. I am clearing my Skype, G+, and anything else that isn’t family or relevant to my goals. I am going to solely focus on providing real results that my family can see. My goal is to build something I have never built before. I will remove almost 95% of my ideas from the internet in the next 7 days. I will pull back from teaching others, and helping others until I am on the right path. I am going to go into a focus that has been long overdue.

Some of you might read this and worry. Don’t. I am fine. I have just taken some time for reflection and realized I was helping everyone except my family. That’s not how it should work. After 10 years of hustling I am in the negative for returns. I built some really impressive stuff and reaped some serious recognition during that stint. So I am sorry, but Amazing Hangouts will wait till another day, the AM Podcast Network is going to be tucked away, and yes MilPages will be gone shortly.

Some people will laugh and say I threw in the towel, and that’s OK. I have had my competitors literally call or email me to laugh at my failures. That doesn’t bother me at all. The reality is that I am regrouping and I want to redefine what I am and what my skills can accomplish. I am only 36 years old and in the next 5-10 years I am going to create some of the most awesome tools and projects that you have ever seen. My potential has not been fully realized, and I have just been restrained. I am more excited about reducing my responsibility than ever before. To only have one project to dedicate everything to is truly exhilarating.

If you have comments or questions please feel free to ask. If you have advice about how to manage a massive reduction like I am planning please tell me. I can’t do this alone and I know the path I am embarking on is a very long one. To those that helped me get to the point that I am writing this I want to say thank you. You have given me a lot. I seriously thank you. For everyone else, please standby and see what is next. I honestly have no idea either until I have put a strong plan together for the future.

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