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When Did My Online Presence Mature?

When Did My Online Presence MatureI don’t know what happened, but it seems that I turned 36-years-old and had an epiphany. I have spent years creating immature websites telling dick jokes and having fun with the freedom of speech all the way to creating semi-professional news platforms. I suppose this remake really shows that my life is finally heading off in a different direction. I suppose you could say that I want to do more with what I have. So this website got deleted twice in 2014 so far! This is the last time though. From now on will only serve as my portfolio and resume. This is where my real stuff will live.

While I did decide to truly buckle down and build a portfolio website, I am still doing what I like to do. I still wanted a blog on this site so I could offer more than just a static website that is used as nothing more than a calling card. I love to write and I need my space to do so. From time to time, hopefully weekly, I will add a new blog post here. It will probably takes a few weeks to really tweak this website out anyways.

So what am I going for here? I like clean, easy on the eyes, and simple navigation. Initially, I tried doing this website as a dark version. I just didn’t like it. You will notice the green highlights as well. That’s my signature color. I use it in almost every project I do. Some I go bigger on, but in the end, that color goes in. It’s just a trademark for me I suppose. I don’t necessarily use it for someone elses projects, but for me it’s comforting. I didn’t use it on Milpages, 3 Kilograms, or 2 Kilograms though. Maybe I need to revisit those color choices.

I think the answer to this development is all about getting older. It just happens. I want to see what this change brings and see if I like it. I don’t expect anyone to jump at the chance to work with me, and frankly, I still reserve the right to choose who I work for. I feel that is something that is special to me. I want to make sure I am a contributor and if I don’t like a project, I might not be able to reach my full potential in solving issues.

Hopefully I am hitting the right tones with my website though. I want to convey my qualifications, while offering information that is valuable. Hiring me is about 5% of this website. Hopefully I will write some nuggets in here for you to enjoy. Contact me and let me know what you think. I love hearing from people, so please don’t think twice. Leave a comment below or submit through the contact form.

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