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What Is That Weird Traffic In My Google Analytics

What Is That Weird Traffic In My Google AnalyticsLast year I was seeing garbage showing up in my analytics and I quickly started searching the web about what it could be.I looked at a couple websites that showed but they weren’t linked to my websites. I sat scratching my head to what and why because this was completely new. There were no articles on this until a few days after I noticed (or I was unable to find them) the garbage referrers. I need clean numbers but this changed the game.

The weird stuff you may be seeing is from Google Analytics referrer spam. They use your GA code, along with millions of others in hopes you will click the weird link, and in turn, they get traffic and potential sales. All of my sites are “getting” traffic from darado (spelling?, I don’t have access currently), iloveitaly, and many others. The traffic never reaches your site, and there is very little you can do. You can’t block it because the traffic doesn’t touch your server. You can only filter it.

Luckily it’s been a year or two and it’s become so explored that there are websites that help you deal with this issue. Here is a site with instructions on how to remove all Google Analytics spam referrers from you data.

You can’t block it, add something to the .htaccess, or anything else beyond filtering it. Hopefully the above link gets you through filtering it easily. Remember that filtering only helps once you add it. It doesn’t take effect retroactively and that part sucks, but it’s better than nothing. Don’t get frustrated because it doesn’t help. I have to do this too so I feel your pain.

I have gone through all of my analytics accounts and sorted all of the possible solutions I could and now I can at least get through some of the numbers and how to show what really matters. I chose not to make this a how-to tutorial because so other experts have documented the solutions so well that I would rather give them the light they deserve for doing the hard work. Instead,

I just wanted to be the voice of reason, give everyone a chance to count back from 10 and calm all of us down a bit. It’s frustrating and ruined a few of my evenings as I tried to comprehend why this is happening in the first place. If this is the first time you are hearing about Google Analytics and you operate a website, please go and create an account with them and start learning. You have to know who is finding your website and who isn’t so you can change your strategy. I hope this short answer with a link to a comprehensive guide helps and if you have other questions please leave a comment below. I will try to answer what I can so you can do more.

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