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Tumblr Social Media Marketing

Tumblr Social Media MarketingOh, Tumblr, who are you anymore? Not many talk about you once they are in my own age group yet you may be the most valued platform to get your message out on. The SEO of link building using methods of sharing, following, and building original content is highly important. Tumblr’s audience is smarter than other platforms outside of Twitter. That might be a bold claim, but I can say this from my personal experience and even if they are posting cats or fun GIFs, they still know the true value of communication and being social. Tumblr is my personal go-to for writing outside of my blog or Quora. The flexibility, the creativity, and the lack of censorship are what makes this awesome.

Note: If you have concerns, do not purchase this without having a discussion with me. I want to discuss expectations, understand the niche, and discuss a plan. Communication is paramount in making a service like this successful.

What’s Included?

  • Management of Your Tumblr Account or We Can Build It (Access Needed)
  • We work the hours you buy.
  • We will share posts on related pages. (Not your competition’s if avoidable)
  • We will share information, news, or text that either you choose or we think fits.
  • We will answer messages during the hours, but if you need fast answers then I can make that happen, but you might not like the price :)
  • No set-up fee, you pay for time only. The setup happens during the hours.

We take our normal approach to discuss the account and the plan of action. Sometimes we will use some or all of the options. Each account needs a unique plan to achieve a reasonable result. In other words, we will do our very best to knock it out of the park. You use Tumblr to build out strong content, match your demographics, and target linking to your site on a massive scale.

What’s not included?

  • Custom Design Images
  • Research
  • Profile or Cover design
  • A Paid Template

Remember, when it comes to service products we have to have communications and reasonable expectations. I say this several times because I knew how “knee-jerk” I was when I was first starting out. These kinds of services don’t use tactics that against Tumblr’s TOS. We do everything manually to include scheduling tweets when needed. Please don’t ask me to break the TOS. I won’t take a client on that doesn’t understand the process. It saves both of us time to do it right.

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