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Time to Think Like a Publisher

Time to Think Like a PublisherWhat are bloggers, photographers, graphic designers, YouTubers, or anyone else creating content? The answer is publishers. We publish all forms of media that people are looking for. Some do it to teach and others do it to spread Hollywood gossip but at the end of the day they are publishers. They are literally publishing to the world and instead take a more humble approach by calling themselves less.

Furthermore, we market our content no differently than CNN telling you what’s coming up at 10PM. They are a huge network pushing national and global news. They utilize social media and SEO no different than a blogger would. Imagery is big for Getty and other outlets to get out in front of people, and photographers are trying to get their photos out there and have people license them as well. Some may be substantially bigger, but all of them are publishers at the end of the day.

The internet has changed traditional media. We see YouTube wiping away cable TV’s hold and cord-cutters are growing quicker than ever before because people know they can get the type of content they want from the internet. HBO knows this and they made HBO Go available so people don’t leave them in waves. For the record, HBO has zero chance in eliminating Netflix. I heard this on TV and laughed. I just wanted to make my opinion clear.

You don’t have to create all types of content to be a publisher. You could solely write on your website and you are publishing. It’s time that we retire the word blog(ger) and treat what we do as digital publishing or whatever you come up with that is better. This isn’t just railing against the word blogger. I accept that as part of what I do just as much as I have to tell someone that I create podcasts. It’s the state of mind that matters. I want to encourage the acceptance that the internet has matured as well as the content we consume. This isn’t 2002 anymore.

There is no difference between what I do and what NPR does besides scale. We both have content that people consume. We both use social media to help spread our message. We both employ SEO practices. We both produce written stories, original imagery, and audio. They would certainly be considered a media publisher as much as I would be or even another outfit like Conde Nast. Did I just compare myself to huge media outlets? Yup, I did. It has nothing to do with overconfidence though. It’s time we all accept that it’s the scale that separates us. (Well that really comes down to money specifically.)

Think As a Publisher

The sooner each of us understand that we have our own Prime Time on the internet the better. That’s when most of your viewers are online to consume your content. It’s that kind of thinking that gets you on your way to scheduling the line up of Fall’s content. I am already thinking ahead to Winter and what kind of content am I going to produce. I have high goals this year of producing a lot of original content in all forms. This is why I find it difficult to call myself a blogger, a podcaster, a social media marketer, and so on. I am simply a digital content publisher. The “digital” portion isn’t really needed, but it adds flare. Not quite 36 pieces though.

Just for fun, let’s take a look at how the internet has changed past titles:

  • Musician: Sings, dances, sells music, does interviews, photoshoots, and live appearances to name some activities. Most of this is for online consumption. Sounds like a digital content publisher/creator that happens to do some analog activities to promote their online persona.
  • Journalist: Used to write in newspaper columns and freelancer to magazines, but now runs their own blog, podcast, and does YouTube videos. That’s publishing/creating all day. They are no longer just a journalist.
  • Adam: Use to mess around writing in notebooks, had a tepid try at blogging in 2001-2003, but now creates audio, produces podcast shows, develops digital platforms and communities, YouTube’s, Periscopes, and writes articles all over the internet. Sounds like I am a publisher and not much of just a podcaster or blogger. I used to be that.

This is about wearing a better hat when you are doing what you do online. Don’t just think of yourself as less than you are. Enjoy being free to create more and expand your craft. I love creators and we should celebrate the changes.

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