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This Marks the 100th Blog Post Milestone!

The 100 Blog Post MilestoneI made it! No, wait, we made it! After two years of re-committing myself to blogging I finally hit 100 posts. That’s 100 original posts and not just content I brought over from another website. All of the content was based off of questions people had asked me in email or on social media. This made this project even better because it allowed me to dive deeper using my experience for someone who wanted it.

The average post of mine is somewhere between 1,500-2,000 words per, meaning 100 published posts can really rack up the word count. I never corral my thoughts by word count though. I write until I feel that I have addressed the point in full. This is also why I really don’t entertain guest bloggers much. Most contributors just want a link and the deliver the bare minimum to be published. I just don’t create content like that.

I guest blogged on another site last year and was told that 750 words was the limit. I almost walked from it but I was too deep into the piece. Instead, I made an abbreviated post from my full post that I later published here. Both are unique and I walked away with pride. I don’t know if I will guest blog in the future due to these kinds of limitations.

You, the reader, have given me the motivation needed to continue putting out pieces that I am proud of. My next milestone is a real, published eBook on Amazon along with even better blog posts. That will be quite a milestone for me to reach. I have tried writing the book several times but I think it’s time to use my mental weapon…the ocean. No internet for 30 days and just my thoughts, my laptop, and the crashing waves with a salty breeze will get the creativity flowing. I get into a state of focus that I simply can’t get anywhere else. It requires a 10-hour bus ride, followed by a 1-hour car ride, and finally a 2.5-hour jeepney ride. It is the ultimate test of will to see how long you can sit before having to stand. I tell my wife that these trips are the root cause in making my butt flat and not my caucasian lineage. She hasn’t fell for it yet.

How We Got To 100

I never rush content to meet a desired publish date and only write when the mood strikes or an idea needs to be shared. It’s important for me to avoid a structured environment or unreachable promises. I have tried to understand how people can absolutely hit a daily, weekly, or any other kind of schedule without compromising the level of awesome that people crave. Someone like Philip DeFranco can do it because he has a team. (He just comes to mind since I just caught up on the Friday show that he does.)

I wanted to hit 100 posts a year ago, and I could have achieved that goal if I really buckled down. It would have come at the cost of other things that I was working on and I am not the type of person that compromises or cut corners. I seek the challenge to create all kinds of content to see if I can take my skills to the next level.

This blog was for freedom to write and I decided not to pursue this for the sake of money, fame, or the other things some bloggers start off wanting. I want to help people and that was always the baseline. I have unique skills and experiences that I want to use for good. I want to teach others that blogging doesn’t have to be about chasing Adsense or doing crazy things to get read. Writing also relaxes me and is truly a passion. You do something like this because you are willing to face the reality of never making it. With billions of pages to read on the internet I knew going in that my 100 pages may never be seen by anyone. I am still far from any real number of people reading my posts, but it’s more than 1 person.

Frustration, perfection, doubt, fear, happiness, sadness, and many other feelings come and go each day that I log on to the site. I make an improvement every day and 99% of the time you will never notice. I believe in slight change over time rather than a radical change over night. I use to surprise people with full redesigns over night. After witnessing Digg 4.0 I decided to skip that type of change. Change can be hard.

The last thing I will say is thank you. If this is your 1,000th time here or your first, each visit motivates me to come back to turn on the computer and start typing. Each comment drives me to expand the conversation. Each email or feedback received keeps me excited for what is next. I got here because of you. We did this together and I am grateful for each minute and click you have given me since the beginning.

Things I Have Finished Over the Past 24 Months

Here is a small list of what I have contributed to the communities of the internet.

  • 100 blog posts.
  • 34 pending blog post drafts.
  • 1 published WordPress plugin.
  • 200+ Quora answers.
  • 1300 Facebook fans.
  • 25,000 Twitter followers.
  • 13 months in building my own company.
  • Built 2 other websites and their own set of achievements.
  • and probably a bunch of little things not coming to mind at the moment.

What’s Next?

I have several things I want to do with the site and the first on that list is creating and publishing all of the audio files for each post. That is one of the next milestone for this blog and I hope that these types of content will be enjoyed by many. I truly want to finish my first book and publish on the Amazon platform too. These two things would really cap off 2017. I have several books in the beginning stages and finding the first one to publish is a tough decision that I will make before the summer…hopefully.

Another milestone in my back pocket is bringing over all 31 of my podcast articles sitting in the AM Podcast Network repository and expound on them and update them with lessons learned. My brain struggles to find down time and that is nothing but a positive thing for those looking for content to chew on.

I am still learning how to deal with my free time that I have now. I make use of all of it but I never had true freedom before. I spent years in school and then spent 20 years in the Air Force. Now I am retired and live in the Philippines. That is a major adjustment in so many ways. I hope to continue building up my portfolio and what I have to offer others. If there is something you would like to add to my “to-do list” then please let me know in the comments. I know there is always room to take everything to the next level and I want to keep pushing to get there.

Some Recognition and Thank You’s

Finally, there have been so many folks that supported and even pushed me through this journey. My family, of course, made this possible and co-workers along with some folks that I have never met in person. People like Tim, Bob, Mike, Guinness, and others that left comments or sent emails to give me the confidence to share my experiences with anyone willing to read it. There are probably a 1,000 people to thank and each one was a pat on the back or a criticism that made my challenge myself.

Thank you for reading this and hopefully you will be back to see what else happens here. Post #101 will be out shortly!

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