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The Full Podcast Brand Makeover

The Full Podcast MakeoverOkay, this is my massive branding package for any podcast show that has produced like no other and needs to showcase it upfront. This is not for the hobbyist and takes a bit of time to get the whole thing looking perfect. This comes with the following:

  • Premium Logo
  • Podcast Cover Art (3000 x 3000px)
  • Up to 4 Social Platforms

Most podcasters will absolutely laugh at this package but it’s to be expected. It’s not for the weak of heart and reserved for the podcaster that can afford to invest in the brand and allow us to come in and partner with you. This is a massive undertaking and we have to discuss or already have some of the following figured out:

  • Color schemes
  • Design thoughts
  • Demographics
  • Restrictions
  • Deadline
  • and other requirements…

If you are unsure if this package covers what you need or you need more than what this has offered please email me at [email protected] so we can discuss any reservations going in. Once we start the ball rolling it will take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the complexity and your acceptance of the design deliverable.

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