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Terms of Use

Terms of Use


Terms of UseBy using this site, which constitutes your reading my content, you are agreeing to not stealing my content. It takes a lot to produce each blog post and having it taken for your personal or corporate gain is theft. You may use my content in situations concerning Fair Use without worrying about a reaction from me. I simply ask that you are reasonable in the usage and if you plan on taking my content, please leave all the links as I have placed them and place an attribute to the site.

In simply terms, don’t take my stuff and we will be fine.


In using this website you agree to not stalking, harassing, or being an outright jerk. I reserve the right to be subjective in deciding what constitutes a behavior issue. I have a fairly high tolerance of leniency so it will take a fair amount. I am simply asking that you be nice, avoid threatening anyone, and just being a decent human being. The only exceptional to this request is for KenM.


Don’t email me to sell me stuff. Do not come here to peddle spam in the comment section. Do not try to ask me to do a referral for favors or money. Do not come here in the spirit of using this as your platform. It’s easy, I am not interested in buying anything, or taking payment for an exchange for positive reviews.


I am not a lawyer or medical doctor. I am not a financial advisor or a tax expert among many other professions. I am simply someone who writes to share my experiences with my audience. Please double check any information that I post with another source and act as your own advisor. I take no responsibility in any loss you may incur through your own decision. I knowing write and post the best information I can possible create. By using this site you consent to not hold me liable for any actions you take because of my content.


I do not show ads. I do not provide my audience with deceitful native advertising, and I always disclose the best that I can. This website does use affiliate links when appropriate. This is slightly different in the fact that I would only use an affiliate link that I have tried or use myself. I need to believe in a product before recommending it to my readers. I take my site and it’s content seriously and building trust in an ad-free environment is how I choose to do so.


At anytime you can email me with questions or concerns. I do not do business or handle issues over the phone unless email is not fast enough or it’s a significant issue that drive that. I prefer to do email customer servive because I travel a lot and it’s much easier to use. I ask that you send any issues or concerns you have to [email protected]

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