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Schedule It with Calendarize It! for WordPress

Schedule It with Calendarize It! for WordPress

Updated June 2017: scroll to the bottom to read the update. Please do not purchase this plugin. I no longer recommend it for many reasons. I will not alter the original review to reduce any confusion.

Upfront, this plugin is my favorite out of all the plugins I have ever bought or used. I purchased 2 licenses for my websites because of the amount of customizing and features that it added to my site. All of the sudden people will know when I am on Blab, or Periscope. My readers can be aware of when I am publishing topics that they might want to read. Having a place to add all of my dates and times that deliver value is important. I need to admit that being a 1-man show that I don’t use this plugin as often as I really should and that’s an honest statement I have provide you as a reader.

There is always something that can be improved in every theme, plugin, or CSS styling. So I have been using this plugin for well over a year and I think that is more than enough to post what I think about it. Besides, I have been putting this off for months as the summer is busy and we are currently transitioning to move in a couple months.

I am the type of person that will go to every store to touch something I want to buy, check price on Amazon, go home and read and watch as many reviews, and finally make a decision on making the purchase. This goes for high priced items to $20 ones. I pride myself in knowing if something is legit. This search dragged on for a couple weeks as normal. Off I went to find a calendar that was flexible, easy to add or manage items for the calendar, and didn’t take up too much of my budget was really tough to decide on. With this plugin, you can setup anything with a fine-tooth comb and still have fun posting my schedule or whatever I want on it.

It’s a calendar plugin and nothing more or nothing less. Why should you get excited about this especially when there are free ones out on the market? For me it was the options, shortcodes, the well documented  help, fast support, and easy to wrap your head around. When I add something to my website I need to make sure it is the best it can possibly be. I needed something that works for me and not something that I need to walk away from out of frustration. Luckily, there are plenty of options beyond the initial offerings if I so desire to add functionality.

Addons Improve Your Functionality

When buying the Calendarize It! plugin you are getting the base model and not everything they have built for it.Below I list all of the free and paid options so you know upfront what you are about to dive into and whether or not this fits your needs. There are other calendar plugins that have functionality listed below included. I always tell people to research your options and do not base your decision on one review because each people uses a plugin differently and can have a polar opposite opinion. Always get all opinions you need before clicking the buy now button.

If you are not aware, Envato changed the game on the 25th of September, 2016 (I believe) with extending their Author Driven Pricing to other sections of their sites. They allow the developers the option to price their addons at whatever they want now. It became an actual market place overnight and of course there were developers that have been wanting to raise prices but previously Envato kept set fixed prices. I think this is good if the market becomes more competitive because of it. With all of this change going on everyone was asking questions, deciding how to move forward and if this actually helps or not.

As I was getting some feedback on another plugin I am reviewing (White Label Login) I mentioned to their support that I use Calendarize It! and they asked me some questions in return. They wanted to know if they should stay the say, or make all the addons inclusive and raise the price. They also wanted to know at what price point would I expect certain features. These ranged from keeping it at the current base model and sell addons just as they do now, or include everything and raise the price. It’s a tough call and without having access to the selling data it’s shooting in the dark. Someone like me just uses it to add things so readers know if something is coming up that they want to be a part of.

What are the addons? Glad you asked, and to go through this, I want to separate them by free and paid addons. If the price and inclusion changes in the future I will update this post accordingly. As of this writing the plugin is $29 for 1 license on CodeCanyon.

Free Addons

  • Backend Options: Provides options to configure the backend calendar so that it resembles the frontend settings. Requires at least Calendarize It!
  • Grey Theme: Grey Theme for Calendarize it! You can edit this with the Visual CSS Editor.
  • English Help: Provides English Help for Calendarize it! Including Get Started guide on how to setup the templates.
  • Custom Buttons: Add-on for Calendarize it! which provides a custom button with configurable label and button action for the Event Details Box and Venue Details Box.
  • Custom Taxonomy Labels (Beta): Provides a way to change the labels in Calendarize it! default Taxonomies; Calendar, Venues and Organizers.
  • Events in Blogroll: Add-on for Calendarize it! allowing you to show Events in your WordPress Blogroll.
  • Events Link To: Events Link To for Calendarize it! allows you to point an Event to a URL of your choice. Lets you make an Event link to an alternate URL of your choice, instead of the default WordPress URL.
  • Event Map Styles: As of version 3 of the Google Maps API custom styles can be applied to maps. It allows developers and designers to pick a style that matches the theme of the website. Requires Events Map View add-on.
  • Feature Image Fallback: Add-on for Calendarize it! allowing you to use the default WordPress Featured Image as the fallback image if you do not set the Event Details Box Image.
  • Flat UI (8 colors)– Amethyst, Asbestos, Carrot, Emerland, Midnight Blue, Pomegranate, Pumpkin, Turquoise Themes.
  • Flat UI Calendar Widget: FLAT UI inspired Calendar Widget for Calendarize it! Use the Visual CSS Editor to change the style so it matches your website.
  • Next Upcoming Dates: Provides the next upcoming date postmeta for the custom fields, and provides the rhc_next_upcoming_dates for calendarized posts.
  • No vertical Scroll Bar: Add-on for Calendarize it!. On activation, scroll bar is removed from agenda views. No configuration needed.
  • Social Connections (16 social logins): Bitbucket, Disqus, Dribble, Dropbox, Envato, Flickr, Github, Instagram,, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Vimeo, VKontake, Yahoo, Yandex.
  • Social Sharing Panel – Green (requires Social Sharing Panel @$15USD): Green Skin for Social Sharing Panel for Calendarize it! add-on. Can easily be customized with the Visual CSS Editor in Calendarize it!.
  • Social Sharing Panel – Grey (requires Social Sharing Panel @$15USD): Green Skin for Social Sharing Panel for Calendarize it! add-on. Can easily be customized with the Visual CSS Editor in Calendarize it!.
  • Visual CSS Editor: Customize the look and feel of your calendar with the easy to use Visual CSS Editor for Calendarize it!

Paid Addons

  • Accordion Upcoming Widget, $15USD: Accordion template for the Upcoming Events Widget. Add a beautiful minimalistic upcoming events widget to your sidebar or directly in your content with shortcodes.
  • Advent Calendar, $15USD: Create an Advent Calendar with Calendarize it! Use this add-on to create a countdown to the arrival of a notable thing or event. It doesn’t need to be a traditional Advent Calendar.
  • Advertising Options, $25USD: Advertising Options add-on for Calendarize it! Events Map View add-on is required to use this add-on.
  • Capabilities and Taxonomies, $10USD: Add-on for Calendarize it! allowing you to easily create new Taxonomies (filters) and set the capabilities for Taxonomies, which means you can control who can manage, edit, delete and assign them. And you can create Taxonomy Lists.
  • Community Events, $25USD: Community Events add-on for Calendarize it! allow your visitors to submit Events to your calendar from the frontend of the website.
  • Event Tickets Woocommerce, $89.00USD: Event Tickets WooCommerce for Calendarize it! If you have lots of events in your calendar, and are looking for a way to sell tickets. Want to avoid third party websites, and additional ticket fees. This is the add-on for you! Start taking control of your events and tickets!
  • Eventbrite Tickets, $50USD: Eventbrite Tickets for Calendarize it! is a add-on for creating Eventbrite Tickets directly in wp-admin when adding Events. Import Events and Tickets directly from Eventbrite.
  • Events Color by Taxonomy, $10USD: Add-on for Calendarize it! that provides the option to color code events by Taxonomy. Color Events by Calendar, Venue or Organizer (also compatible with Custom Taxonomies).
  • Events Grid View, $10USD: Events Grid View for Calendarize it! is a responsive grid gallery that uses Masonry for grid and 3D transforms for navigating the items. Create cool looking grid view for your events.
  • Event Map View, $20USD: Events Map View add-on Calendarize it! makes it possible to easily visualize your Venues and Events with Google Maps.
  • External Event Sources, $15USD: Add-on for Calendarize it! allowing you to show events from Facebook, Google Calendar and
  • Importer for Calendarize It!, $15USD: Ajax powered Event, Taxonomies and Taxonomy metadata import for Calendarize it! This takes the headache out of importing large number of events or taxonomies to your calendar.
  • Links with Events Attributes, $25USD: Add-on for Calendarize it! allowing Super Users or Developers to pass attributes directly in Event links. Can be useful if you need to pass on values directly to forms or something similar.
  • Member Profile, $25: Member Profile add-on for Calendarize it! creates a profile page for each user with Upcoming Events, Past Events, Ratings & Reviews, Post & Comments and Friends, as well as a Members and Group/Team Page.
  • Payment Options, $49: Payment Options add-on for Calendarize it! Community Events add-on is required to use this add-on. Accept payments through, (Credit Cards, Bitcoin and AliPay).
  • Ratings & Reviews, $15USD: Ratings and Reviews add-on for Calendarize it! allow your visitors to easily rate and review events. And they can easily add the rating and review using Facebook Connect and Twitter Connect.
  • RSVP, $15USD: RSVP Events add-on for Calendarize it! allow your visitors to RSVP to Events in your calendar. And they can easily RSVP using Facebook Connect and Twitter Connect.
  • Social Sharing Panel, $15USD: Add-on for Calendarize it! allowing your visitors to easily share events to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Taxnomy Rules, $50USD: Save 33% on all Taxonomy add-ons. Normal Price $75. Capabilities and Taxonomies, Events Color by Taxonomy, Taxonomy by User Role, Taxonomy Filter, Taxonomy Images and Taxonomy Counter Widget.
  • Taxonomy by User, $15USD: Configure Taxonomy availability to users, and what Taxonomy term users can post to. Works with both default taxonomies Calendar, Venue and Organizer and any custom taxonomy.
  • Taxonomy Counter Widget, $15USD: Taxonomy Counter Widget add-on for Calendarize it! Insert beautiful minimalistic Taxonomy and Term Counters in your sidebars and on Events Map View.
  • Taxonomy Filter, $15USD: Taxonomy Filter for Calendarize it! is an add-on enabling you to add drop down filters for both default and custom Taxonomies.
  • Taxonomy Images, $10USD: Taxonomy Images for Calendarize it! allows you to easily add images to your Taxonomies. Supports both the default Taxonomies: Calendars, Venues and Organizers as well as any custom Taxonomy you have created.

Adam Mulholland Line Break That took a bit to copy & paste, but I think it’s worth the effort. Each one is a separate download to include the 8 theme colors and 16 social logins that I combined for the sake of shortening the post. You get some good stuff just by purchasing the base plugin and some free addons if you can put them to good use. If you want to buy an addon that is considered premium then you can do that easily from the admin side. In total, the paid addons combined costs $548 USD. There is one discount when buying Taxonomy Rules that is noted above so there is a bit of generosity. This is what I would call a premium plugin that offers in-app purchases. Clearly, this is where they must be making their profits and keeping the team gainfully employed. I can say that I have not purchased or tried any of the paid addons because in my case there is very little need for them. The only thing that would be awesome is having the ability for my visitors to add events on their own, but I am just using a form they can fill out and I simply transcribe it for now. That may not be feasible going forward, but we’ll see.

They do a great job at giving you choices and some of the addons could really help a website. If this was a membership type site then maybe I could expand my calendar a bit more so others can help add things. If you are able to use the addon for selling tickets then it is probably worth the $89 to do so. We all love to get our websites upgraded for the least amount of money, but this is a plugin that can justify their asking price.

Support & Access

If you have an issue that can be dealt with quickly in the comment section on Codecanyon then go that way with it. They answer fast and slightly slower if not at all on weekends which I feel is appropriate. I use their other plugin called the White Label Login for WordPress so I have been able to see a good amount of support. They don’t require 2-3 emails before they start helping after they vet that you are a customer. They don’t use their own support forum, and all of these things are pluses in my book. I want to know that I can ask a question or send them an email in a fairly fast pace considering how many plugins they have sold and support.

Too many other plugins developers on every platform have walls between themselves and the customer. I have decided not to purchase plugins that choose this practice. The only reason to purchase if it is the only choice. If you are a developer reading this then I am asking you to remove the walls and be proud to answer questions about your plugin. If customer service is not your strong suit then say it upfront or go and get a “face for the company” while you code. In all plugin reviews that I do I will deduct points for developers that give shitty or complicated support.

As a customer I want to know that I can get answers fairly quick. In many times a well-documented plugin rarely needs more questions to answer. This is part of the quality score. While I am discussing responsibilities, it’s important that the consumer has a reasonable expectation, does not hold a possible negative feedback hostage, and respects the developer. If you were face-to-face making a transaction you would absolutely be polite and respectful unless you are some kind of animal. I am just asking that both sides hold reasonable expectations.

Adam Mulholland Line Break

Overall, if you are in the market to spruce up your blog with upcoming events, your band wants to post concert info, or tell people when new content will be out, then this is what you want. For a $30 fee you can jump right in and start configuring your desires within minutes. It’s almost hand-holding as you walk through the settings in the backend. This is their plugin that gave them credibility and I look forward to see what they continue to produce and put on the market.

I give them an 8.5 out of 10 for their offerings. The support has been solid, the features are plentiful, and the polished plugin is ready for prime time. I took all of this into consideration with over a year of testing so I feel confident in giving them that score. I look forward to seeing what else they put out. If you have used this or have question please let me know in the comments. I didn’t do all of the screenshots and sales pitch because I link to the plugin page where I think they did a great job on that already. If you use this plugin and disagree with my review please add those thoughts. I firmly believe that we need as much information as possible to help someone decide where to spend their money.

Update June 11, 2017

I am not recommending this plugin any longer. If it has what you need then that is great, but after returning to see what is new I found several things I disliked. They added the year view add-on and it doesn’t work out of the box. After 4 years they have still not implemented a  reminder system. They depend on people knowing and understanding how to use iCal. This is lame all the way around. Email reminders are import and especially in the digital age. They claim there isn’t enough votes for it.

I couldn’t get their White Label Login plugin working because their social login addons create a new account for each one you use. Their claim was that people only use one. This was so dumb that I took it off. I gave up on Calendarize It! as well and I wouldn’t buy another plugin from Right Here. I give them 2/10 stars.

You can find better calendars if you need one and for a lower price. A quick search at Codecanyon showed several. I just don’t see this plugin as I did when I first installed it. There was no other plugin out there in the same class. I apologize if you bought this and are unhappy with it. I purchased 2 licenses and they are both unused so I feel the pain. If you were thinking about it please don’t buy this.

Buy Calendar It!


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