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Reality Check: Your ReTweet Is Endorsement

If you retweet, then you are endorsing itI love seeing all of the brands and people on Twitter that add this funny little piece to their profiles “RT ≠ Endorsement”. Well, it actually does and clearly you thought it did to anyone reading it, so you then decided that placing that note would be your fix. If you didn’t think it related to your profile or wasn’t worth retweeting for more attention, you simply wouldn’t have done it…therefore not endorsing it. An exception to this rule would be pointing it out for commentary, news,  or to publicly shame the tweet. I am not talking about this particular use though.

You can’t say something and then tell whoever was around to hear what was said that you don’t support your own words or actions. Life doesn’t work that way. If you retweet, forward, repeat it offline, or even use different words to make the same exact point…you are endorsing it. I think about those emails that have some kind of legalese at the bottom that might say “this communication is only for the intended parties”…yada, yada, yada. You are only living inside your own bubble to think that those addendums mean anything to anyone else.

Companies believe that this is their safety net in case their marketing department gets pushback from their consumers. I would equate it to the “my bad” phrase which many people continue to use in this day.  Some people believes that it somehow absolves them of any responsibility for their own actions. This is not how the rest of the population sees it. If anything, many consumers not only ignore it, but even ridicule it.

If you currently have this in your bio on Twitter or another platform, please take it down and use that space for something that actually matters. If you are worried about an employee saying something wrong, then fix that employee and don’t skip the process of ownership with a quick ≠ because that right there shows you don’t understand that you take all responsibility and ownership of your retweets regardless if you want to or not.

How can we win if every trick we use is going to be torn apart like this? That question is a little harder because people are much more savvy when it comes to the digital age. The one thing that has changed in a very positive way is using the truth. When you just own your brand and stop saying sorry for your positions people will respect you more. When I retweet something questionable I own it. I am not saying sorry or telling the person or group that I offended that my retweet didn’t count because…≠.

Simply put, the phrase that tells the world you carelessly choose your social following or that you are not responsible for anything unless it’s positive is useless at the end of the day. Save some face and stop adding things that don’t need to be attached to you or your brand. If it was a slip up then say you are sorry (assuming you actually feel sorry). If that doesn’t change your mind then maybe this next sentence will. There are many people out there that won’t engage or follow you because your account has these markings on them. I can tell that you might not be mature enough to handle having a social presence or responsible enough to use the word endorsement correctly just by seeing things like “≠” in your bio .

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