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Postmatic Deserves a Spotlight & a Full Review

Postmatic Full ReviewTo start things out I need to clear up a couple things that might be confusing upfront. This post is about Postmatic Basic, the free version of their plugin that you can reply by email to comments. They also have Postmatic that is a subscription service that I am not covering in this review because I feel that the majority of people wanting to know more will be Basic users until they bring in the revenue to justify the cost. The third and final aspect is the company’s name, its Postmatic and their website is GoPostmatic.

Ready? Let’s start talking Postmatic Basic and why it matters.

I have been using two unique plugins that I discovered about a year ago, but I never really talked about them because I didn’t have much traffic and never could put them through a real test. In fairness, I did list them on my plugin list. These were Epoch and Postmatic.

Full disclosure: I have not been asked to do this piece, compensated in any way and have no invested interest whatsoever in this plugin, other plugins, or the company behind them.

Well, a lot has changed in that year. The first being that Postmatic developed even more plugins and continued improving the ones they already had on the market. Secondly, I have written so much more and got a bit more social so people are finally reading my posts! The latter is where more engagement in the comment section separates them from other plugin developers.

What Does It Do?

Basically, this plugin allows you to reply by email to comments you made on a post by hitting the reply button in your email and respond to others without logging back onto the site or anything like that. Google Plus also has this feature and to me it’s the only reason I still use G+. I got comfortable with this type of functionality. I don’t even like having to log in to respond to comments so I know this is a huge value.

I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you design this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. appreciate it

From the comments

I am still looking for forum software like Xenforo to add this feature because it amplifies the conversation like nothing I have seen before. I want to answer almost everything through email and login when I have time to go even deeper into the content.

Being able to relax in the living room and getting an email to notify me of a response in the comment section is cool. Postmatic takes it to another level by allowing me to hit reply and add my thoughts. We could essentially write a comment on site and then continue having that conversation without ever having to get back on the site just to comment. People just simply subscribe to the conversation and it takes it from there. Why should we be tied down by our blogs?

This also sends out a digest of things that are getting attention in the community and gives you control on sending posts you publish to subscribers too. Plus this helps to create a reason for that last commentor to come back and read more and continue engaging, or not. We all want real engagement.

These email addresses that are subscribing are stacking up and you can turn this into even more traffic and more offers. You can leverage your readers and send content directly to them and newsletters too. Please don’t spam people though. I never support that kind of activity. I just want to emphasize the fact that you are building bridges and to keep that trust, be good to your audience.

Oops,Postmatic Forgot Something

One thing that I am always disappointed with is the lack of integration with rising stars in the email marketing world. Some developers are starting to look at this and have been including hosted solutions like Sendy and MyMail, but the majority are not. I decided to pick up MyMail so I can review it and it’s currently installed here on this site. People are slowly seeing the amount of money they can save from leaving traditional platforms like MailChimp, Aweber, and others. Amazon SES/SNS is the future for many sites. So -1 for missing two solid performers.

Honestly, Sendy has a great API and it would be nice to see a plugin like Postmatic to integrate. I really want to see more integration so we can maximize our email lists and not worry about huge costs.

The Offerings & Portfolio

Postmatic Basic changes the game for many sites using WordPress and it’s also a part of something much bigger. Used together it becomes Voltron for WordPress comment sections. This is a very underrated “must have” plugin, but you can give it a test drive and see for yourself.

Initially, I only saw the two plugins (Epoch & Postmatic) and never searched any further until mid-2016 once I felt that a review would be good after all of this time. I wrote to Jason, from Postmatic, with a list of questions that I wanted to ask and include in my reviews. Jason replied and informed me about the other plugins that I overlooked. Once I installed all of them and saw where each had a piece of the conversations. I was all-in on Team Postmatic from that point on. 

I am going to list out the group of plugins that Postmatic developed and they are linked to my reviews that I’ve already written. Take a few minutes and have a read so you can take their offerings. 

Ya, I know…5 more plugins Adam? Yup, indeed it is and you will get cozy with them too. A lot of time and effort went into using them, giving feedback, and telling people about these. My engagements rose quickly once these were installed on this blog. I truly hope you find this to be worth while and an enhancement for your readership.

How Much Do I Love Postmatic?

A lot, but I am always watching to see what is next. These guys are working on a couple more plugins from what I could see. At the time I emailed Jason there was a lot going on and we didn’t touch on the future. For now, click below to check it out in the WordPress directory and try it out. Every detail is listed there and I highly recommend it. I want to get to the point of using their paid services but not until it financially makes sense. Until then, thank you Jason and the team!

Postmatic in the WordPress Directory – Get It!

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