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Patreon is another way for the content to grow. It allows me to hire editors, social media managers, pay for the server or even to take the Mrs. out for dinner to say thank you for her support too. We all pitch in and I want to use this page as a thank you to the Patrons who contributed.

Gold Level Patron

The following are the Patrons that have supported me. These Patrons are amazing for being able to support the site, content, and social reach. A sincere with a top spot and acknowledgement on my thank you page!

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A big thanks for those Patrons that have been a solid supporter that helps me go further in hiring my experts. 

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Though the bronze is like third place, these Patrons mean the world to me as well. Each donation helps me do more for the readers, listeners, and viewers. 

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Disclosure: Each Patron listed are supporters of the Patreon page and if you are wondering how to get listed here, please visit the Patreon page.