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Newsletter & Email Marketing UnmanagedThis is an area that most people leave off the table and it’s unfortunate because email is bigger than ever right now! While banners and text advertising are barely touching what a newsletter can gain if you have enough emails on your list. I have been using email marketing for about 7 months now and it has absolutely reaped its benefits. You can have them too if you purchase this subscription. I utilize Amazon’s Simple Emails Service to send out my newsletter with ease and a low cost. I had to ditch MailChimp and the others because of the cost skyrockets once you get past the free tier.

What you get:

  • A email marketing account
  • You can add your own templates
  • You have access to reports
  • You can monitor your campaigns

I use Sendy to manage everything, so you can see a full list of features here. You can buy it if you want and setup you own Sendy install or use mine and allow me to manage the server side so you can work on the list. There are certainly terms of use though because I am not going to risk having my account with Amazon closed because of you running the following:

  • Spam
  • Unclean Lists
  • High Bounce Rate
  • High Unsubscribe Rate

You must use a double opt in for your email marketing. Everything Amazon holds me to applies to anyone using this service. I value my relationship to Amazon AWS so please come with a clean list and sing best practices. This is a subscription based product that charges monthly for the account plus what you use.

Prices are simple:

  • $5/month, or $12 for 3 months, or $40/year
  • $0.15/1,000 Emails Sent
  • No Delivery Fee, You Pay Per Email

The first month is a 20,000 email limit to make sure everything is good. After you purchase this product I will manually create your newsletter account and I will email your login information. You are responsible to manage your own templates, lists, and reports. I must approve your email address through Amazon SES before you can begin setting things up.

I only create/delete/service accounts. This is the completely un-managed newsletter & email marketing product. If you need help using the software you can email me and I will try my best to help you. This service is cheap because I am not working your account. If you want me to handle your account then that is a different product.

Please ask questions if you are unsure about anything.

Note: Subscription is not currently on. I will manually send you a bill or you can pay for this manually as you go.

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