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My Life Timeline

Below you can see the history of my life to get a better understanding on what makes me tick. I feel that this might be the best way to showcase all of the things I have done previously, present, and adding things as life takes me to new places to share with you.

My Life Timeline


Moved To the Philippines

I decided that the adventure wasn’t over just because I retired. I wanted my kids to grow up in the Philippines a bit and spend time with their family. We brought everything over and I got my permanent residence here. All but the car came with us as we rent..Read More

Retired: U.S. Air Force

After 20 years and 6 months I hung up my uniform as a Master Sergeant and became a Mister. I served proudly and did my part, but the machine goes on without me.

Started Daul Master’s With Webster University

I figured I could wrap up a dual masters in International Relations and my MBA while at Kirtland AFB, NM. I took the first class and aced it with 3 45-page essays and wonderful class time. I was running my own company before this so I had the experience and..Read More

Started Adding Social, LLC

I jumped in officially with a partner in February, 2012 in creating communities that would could grow. We had begun the project in 2011 but waited to go official until we had everything sorted. It lasted until 2014 when we had to go separate ways due to unforeseen personal issues...Read More

Child #5 Has Entered the World

The final child has joined us in bring the gender count to 3 girls and 2 boys. My basketball team is filled and Angelica Mulholland is part of the team. She was born in Augusta, GA and I was there for the whole thing. She wanted nothing but dad time..Read More

Started U.S. Challenge Coins, LLC

This venture was one that meant the world to me and I built it all from a $20 bill in South Korea. I built it for years until I was sent to South Korea in Jan, 2009 and from there I became the website guy and turned it over to..Read More

Married My Third Wife

Sometimes we make mistakes when we are still growing up and I am no exception. I got married when I was 19 and then 25 and I don’t regret it. They made me a better man and I finally met my wife Rose in 2003 and married her in 2006...Read More

Graduated Magna Cum Laude From American Continental University

It was a couple of years and 1 degree switch from Network Administration to Visual Communications. I wanted to be a graphic designer and artist so I went to get my B.F.A. in Visual Communications, but I had to do it online. I traveled too much to go to a..Read More

Child #4 Enters the World

Welcoming our newest edition with my wife was certainly a special and difficult occasion. I traveled from Augusta, GA on January 20, 2005 to Manila, Philippines and stayed for a month in hopes to time it just right to hold my youngest son, Addison Mulholland, in my hands. Sadly, I..Read More

Child #3 Has Entered This World

My middle child Natalie Grace Mulholland was born and I was there for it. From the moment I held her I knew she was very special. I have not been close to her though due to my job and a divorce from her mother. Nonetheless, I love her to pieces..Read More

Moved To Warner Robins, GA

In 2001, I packed everything up from the house in NC and drove several hours south through Macon, GA and ended up at billeting on Robins AFB, GA. I stayed for a short period of 24 months before being sent to South Korea. I 2 short years I divorced, re-married..Read More

Surprise! Child #2 Has Arrived

I have always been bad at planning and I have done alright regardless. Megan Ray Mulholland joined our family while I was training in San Antonio, TX. I was heartbroken to miss the moment she entered the world, but she has always been a daddy’s girl and for that I..Read More

Started Anonymous Ink, LLC

In 1999, I started my first real business with an LLC while stationed at Seymour Johnson AFB, NC. I spent $25K to build the very best screen printing shop I could in my garage. I had everything and I had to close it down and sell off when I was..Read More

My First Child Is Born

I welcomed Adam W. Mulholland II into the world after almost a whole day of labor and holding him changed my life. I was glued to him and he taught me how wonderful being a father is. Each day I miss him more but he is his own man now..Read More

Moved To North Carolina

I loved my first assignment to Seymour Johnson AFB, Goldsboro, NC. I was there for 5 years and thought it would be home permanently. Life is never steady and I enjoyed it while I could. I would drive 12 hours to see my family in New England all the time...Read More

Entered Bootcamp

I joined active duty and headed to boot camp in San Antonio, TX. I went during the hottest months and I dropped weight like it was nothing. I will never forget those 42 days and I am glad I made it, though I tried to quit but my mind wouldn’t..Read More

Graduated High School

I finished my 4 years at H.H. Ellis RVTS as the class clown and class president. So much emotion flowed through me this night as I had wrapped everything up and looked forward to the next month of joining the Air Force and starting boot camp.

Started Summer Job Doing HVAC

This summer I was working 3 jobs. The first was my own used brick operation which I hired other kids to help me reclaim 25 million bricks from a burnt down mill and resell them across CT to masons. The second was odd jobs with my uncle and finally the..Read More

Driver’s License In Hand

After months or driving with my uncle after school I got into the Norwich DMV and failed my first written test, but nailed the written and driving test with on missing 3 blinkers. I hate blinkers, but I use them now and I am a much better driver. My first..Read More

Passed CT Hairdressing License Exam

In April, 1995 I took the Connecticut Health Board exam for my hairdressing, cosmetology, and barbering license in Hartford, CT. I passed easily and all of the hard work and practice paid off. I wanted to be a barber badly and getting this was truly something special. I was 16..Read More