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Migrating From Prestashop To Magento

Migrating from Prestashop to MagentoWell, I did it. It was my first time migrating from Prestashop to Magento CE 1.8.1 using Cart2Cart’s web migrating tool. It was so easy and it worked perfectly. I figured I would write up a quick post about the choice, the experience, and overall benefit to doing this. If you have done this or are thinking about it, please add some comments below!

Why I Made the Choice

I sell digital downloads for one of my online stores and Prestashop was hurting me. It’s not a very smooth running cart and I always seem to have minor issues with it. I want to say it’s awesome and the community rocks, but I can’t (I have not used 1.6 yet though). There are various reasons they are not perfect in my eyes, but what I am focused on is why I migrated this particular store to Magento. It came down soley to downloadable content. I wanted a way for my customers to login and be able to download whatever they purchase from their accounts. The downside is that you can’t manually add files for download in their accounts in Magento, and that is maybe something I will tackle down the road.

Prestashop only sends an email with a download link to my customers and offers no other method, unless of course you want to purchase a module that is expensive or doesn’t really solve the problem completely. I find the Prestashop experience works well with non-downloadable content. Far too often I was getting support request for “where is my file” or “how to I get the download” from my customers. That shouldn’t happen. I hate having to email over a product when it should have been an instantaneous transaction for the customer. So the bottom line is I wanted to improve the customer experience, and that is what it is all about.

My Experience Migrating

I registered with Cart2Cart and installed the files they asked me to put on my server and of course followed their steps. After going through the steps from Cart2Cart, I sailed through to the payment portion. I had zero issues, and I had skipped on the “insurance”. That’s the only thing I took issue with. If you feel you need to offer insurance in the sale of your product, then that worries me. If it doesn’t work then I want my money back or you to fix the problem. Had it not worked and they tried charging me again instead of fixing my issue, I would have filed a payment dispute and I think that’s an area for Cart2Cart to improve on. I want to feel confident when I make a purchase and this portion weakened that for me. (I am nitpicking)

The transition went flawless and I honestly couldn’t of been happier. I have to note that they can’t migrate downloadable content (they tell you this upfront) and I had to go product to product to delete old pictures and upload new ones. It pulled 2 images from each product listing from Prestashop to Magento. Magento doesn’t resize them and regenerate the image files. So even though they migrated images, I still have to redo them all since Magento doesn’t have a force regenerate module. If they do, please correct me. I do like this feature of Prestashop.

The Overall Benefits

I had 472 products, about 60 categories, and about 100 images. That’s a lot of work to recreate from scrate and I had to truly weigh my time versus the cost. I chose $70 to be worth what I would have spent going 1-by-1 in recreating each product. I still edited each item, but at least it wasn’t from scratch. I was ok with spending the money and if your cart is even close to that size or much bigger than the migration cost should be a no-brainer. I wanted to get selling faster and worry about minor fixes rather than building the catalog from scratch.

I would highly recommend using Cart2Cart for migration service. I knock them only for the “insurance” part of the sale as regenerating images and migrating digital products is a bit out of their hands but that would have been pretty cool. I understand the limitations though so I am not suggesting they implement that, it’s merely a dream to not have had to do as much of the work I did.

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