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What Am I Working On?If you know and understand SEO then you will see by the title alone that I am tracking a specific phrase for our new transition (moving) here in Angeles City, Philippines. We are still in “hotel mode” but this time gives me something to chew on that I hadn’t considered until I needed to search for a hotel. I had planned on only focusing on my 3 websites and not to search out for other opportunities…until now.

I had planned on only focusing on my 3 websites and not to search out for other opportunities…until now. I have to remind myself that I need to focus on a limited number of things, but this one is too obvious not to try to build better hotel websites.

The fact is, most, if not all hotels and other businesses have some of the very worst websites I have ever seen. No offense is intended, but I have to baseline my thoughts on what I have seen first hand. I spent days pouring through search results and sending emails with nothing to really show for it. Either I got no reply from the site’s contact page nor could I decide if I liked the rooms because the pictures were so bad or there were none at all. 

This can be fixed pretty easily for many of them, but I have a gut feeling that the Angeles City hotels & bars aren’t looking to bolster their online presence. This city has a bustling tourism record and they will fill their rooms without a great website for the most part. I still think they are possibly leaving a lot of money on the table and customers are clicking on to their competitors. I sat and thought about a way that I could help and make a few pesos in the process. The first thing I need is some basic research, then some technical ideas to pull it off, and then build an offer to each business.

Google Trends

I like to use Google Trends to see how popular keywords or phrases are in a certain area or to compare a bunch so I can target certain search volumes. Sometimes it works really well if you know it’s a popular search, while others are non-existent. In fact, for this post, I searched through trends within a 5-year window, a 12-month window, and even a 90-day one that you can see below.

According to Google Trends, the plethora of keywords I tried are hardly searched for at all. At least I know that this should be very easy to rank for using SEO-wise and hotels and other businesses might be able to find me easily when they are ready to take their sites up a couple notches.

Angeles City Websites Service Trends


You can see above that I chose to start the baseline with “Angeles City” and then go down from there using subsets of phrases that were not business specific. I did a lot of these searches but I only screen capped this one. The “Angeles City” results over the last 90 days is no surprise and neither is the lack of phrases for “website services”. I tried about 20 different ones and all of them basically flat lined. This is almost meaningless to a degree. It simply tells me that this is not an important search for businesses or people looking for website development in Angeles City. 

What I need to do is go one-by-one for each business that I am targeting and develop a list of keywords they should rank for. Then, I can do a Google Trends on their hotel name, and finally, build a presentation explaining why they need a better website and what I am willing to do for them for a certain price. I will have to do this in person so it’s not just seen as spam. It’s been a long time since I have gone door-to-door, but I am always up for the challenge. I think this is the proper way to inquire when you are local. Cold calling some of these businesses while I am in Angeles City come off like I am lazy.

How To Execute the Angeles City Web Designer Angle

The research is good enough for me to start thinking about numbers and what I might need to do to get started. I need to consider the following items:

  • Hosting: This will probably be a VPS and then off to a dedicated box as I grow. I don’t want to go balls out before I have a paying customer. I want to scale with the jobs.
  • Content Management System: This normally defaults to WordPress but there are other excellent options like Joomla, Drupal or anything that matches their end goals.
  • Media: I am probably going to retake photos of each type of room, the amenities, and the hotel or business. Sure, they probably have some that I can Photoshop, but I want only the best offer possible and that has to be me in control of the lens. I am also going to consider videos for YouTube covering any special areas or staff. All media is only the table for this and I would pull out all stops.
  • Offline Print: Building cards, pamphlets, or other physical items that they can hand out probably needs a good refresh. This was my favorite part of my design degree. I love actual print work.
  • Specific Items: I can list all of the items because each business is different. For example, a hotel is different than a restaurant menu design. I am going to dig deep and hopefully share the things I do to build out this list.

I need to take all of my research and build out a presentation that I can bring to the business owners that might really want something better at a really good price. I think having someone do everything for your business and put you on a different level could be an attractive offer to some. I expect to be rejected by a good handful to keep my hopes grounded.

The Offer for Each Business

I know that I can’t just provide a flat price across all types of businesses. Some might be a 6-page site while others might need a lot of work. I will also have to consider the upkeep and future changes that they may want. The point is that I am going to have to come up with either a per hour type of cost or a list of standard things that cost “X”. This will be probably the most difficult part because I am in another country where the average costs are so much lower than in the United States or elsewhere. I am okay with this because I think this could be a lot of fun.

I will need to consider if I am going to recruit some other professionals to assist in all of this. I might need a photographer, server admin, a coder, and maybe a video editor to mention a few. Luckily, this is not a factor that the business has to consider so they won’t need to take any of this into consideration. My goal is to create the most friction-free process for the customer as possible. If I can manage to hit the right presentation, price, and tone in the offer I think I can nail down lots of businesses in no time.

I am just going to list the items that I will have to consider for different businesses so you have an idea what might go into something like this. You may be interested in doing this where you live, and if so, please let me know how it went in the comments.

  • Visual: Logo, Social Branding, Images & Video
  • Audio: Podcast, reading copy…
  • Copy: Including About, Contact, Blog, front page…etc
  • Marketing: Offline & Online to include social media.
  • Server and resources
  • SEO & SMM
  • Legal: Contract for services, terms of service…etc.
  • Payment Processing (monthly/yearly/one-time)
  • Time for each service to average my time.
  • Freelancers that assist in areas.
  • There are others as well and I will list others as I run into them.

My Bottom Line In Angeles City

I want to love this place since it will be my home for some time. It’s very important for me to have all of my ducks in a row so I look professional and they feel great after hearing my proposal. I am not some hustler looking for a few pesos. I want to help them and set up something a bit more stable for the long game. I am always thinking long term because short term thinking sucks.

This city is not a bad place and it’s something I have to really get used to. I will say that Angeles City is interesting. You have a very wide spectrum of people and things you can do. I know several people that live completely different lives and having lunch with them is always interesting. I will try to update this idea as I build it out. Truthfully, it’s just in my head right now and not something I am launching this afternoon.

If this is something you did already and want to share your experience with us please leave a comment. I would love some tips and previous mistakes or successes that I can use in developing this plan. I want to hear from you and if you are ever in Angeles City and want to have coffee or something please let me know too!

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