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Know What Facebook Spam Looks Like In Groups

Facebook SPAM in GroupsI admin around 20 different Facebook groups and I used to be terrible at finding, ignoring, and blocking SPAM. I would get a couple requests a day from SPAM and I could usually figure out if it was legit but once in a while it would still get through. Once my groups started growing I got on the radar of a lot more SPAM’rs and it sucked. Sometimes one would get through even if I was sure that the account was legit, but hopefully this article will help you get a little bit better at knowing what accounts are obvious SPAM and which ones are more likely to be legit.

Facebook has a lot more fake accounts then it likes to let on. At one point they disclosed that 8.9% of all accounts were fake. I still think that number is fairly conservative. If I had to take a real guess, I would think it’s somewhere closer to 15% of pure fake accounts, 20% dormant accounts, and another 5-10% that are only there for personal gain (all business accounts are there for gain so those aren’t the ones I mean). Those numbers might still be low but it’s a best guess. No matter what, you have a tall order to figure out who is real and who is not. The target is mostly the bot profiles or the ones that are obvious fakes.

Below you will see a SPAM account trying to get into my group. They can’t because I manually approve everything on my closed group. Open groups are bad, and I mean really bad business. Don’t do them, otherwise, you will be cleaning SPAM for days.



That’s a normal request for me to receive on a daily basis. They are usually modeling/half-naked/or “just enticing to look at” pictures. It’s always something that would catch the eye of someone and bring them in for some phishing or SPAM activity. No matter what their goal is, it’s bad business for you, your group, and your members. The modeling pictures are almost a dead giveaway. It is tougher sometimes though. Some SPAM’rs know that there are group admins that actually validate accounts. They will use an account that looks somewhat professional or regular, and usually have 2 images, joined several groups and at the bottom it will say “{name} started using Facebook in English”. That’s a dead giveaway.

I took this screenshot so you can visualize how to look at the accounts a lot quicker and get rid of the SPAM.



You can also see the creator of this account didn’t put much effort into making it look normal. This is probably due to the accounts getting banned so fast. Why put the effort into it when it’s only going to be good for a day or two at most? Just look at the profiles that look like they are brand new or not much effort was involved in making it. On a side note, some people have the privacy set to where you can almost see no information at all. I tend to block those people as well. Mostly, on purpose because if they are that protective of their information then they probably won’t bring much value to your group anyways.

One addition I want to make sure I add in are the people who get sought after in order to fake a relationship and ultimately take your money. Recently I have had a massive amount of people messaging me about a U.S. Army soldier in Nigeria that is out on a mission but can’t wait to get back to see their soon-to-be-bride. They just need a few thousand dollars to get back because the Army forgot to bring them home. It will always be some crazy soldier story and sadly there are many people out there that fall for this. They are so trusting and often lose thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars by trusting Facebook accounts.

Take heed of this warning. Relationships that only occur on social media, specifically Facebook, are extremely bad and toxic. You will be convinced to hand over your life savings before you know it. This week alone I heard of at least 10 different stories that made me sick to my stomach.

Overall, you are the admin, so you should take it serious. My members are very active because they know I moderate hard and keep the group clean. They appreciate that and continue to use the group and bring new people into it. I hope this helps you identify SPAM so you can knock it out!

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