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Infographic DesignInfographics are an incredible thing when you break down the facts inside of them and the unique design that sets them apart from others. From time to time we produce our own as well as others for awareness and hopefully a bit of SEO love if the attribution plays out. The research is only half the battle in a lot of campaigns. The other half is that design aspect and it can’t be some shitty Microsoft paint job either. Online users expect something sharp and capture the topic well. We have trained them to weed out the poorly designed infographics quickly.

Our main goal is the design part, however, we do offer the research part as well. The research can take a bit, but in fairness, we put a flat fee on that addition. Some we might lose a bit, and some we might win a bit. The goal is to offer the complete package at an affordable price that we can all feel good about and move forward.

Here are a few things you have to bring to the table on this if you want them included in the design:

  • Logo: A high-res logo preferably in .ai, .eps, or .svg.
  • Color choice: Pick 2-4 colors at most to add, with 1-2 being the primary colors.
  • Topic: Tell us the topic and the end goal. You can always email the extra stuff to [email protected]
  • Deadline: We work on the project in the order we receive them, however, if there is a reasonable rush we will try our best to meet it.

Optional: Adding Research

  • Give us the maximum idea, target, goal, topic and anything else as a starting point.
  • The topic and any sub-topics.
  • Places or files we may find the information at.

You don’t have to submit all of this information, however, the end result could be different without some of the key things we could potentially miss. If we do the research it will be presented to you prior to creating the artwork with it. It’s important that we get your approval before continuing so we can achieve the best result.

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