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How To Create Your First Blog Post

How To Create Your First Blog PostMy first post generally is a welcome message and nothing too mind blowing. It’s always worth giving an overview of your goals and expectations for potential readers so they know what to visit your site for and when they should. That first post is equal to meeting someone for the first time in-person and giving them an impression that they won’t forget. Crafting a message that is meant to drive all future posts to come is tough, and maybe even awkward for some writers. I chalk my own first post as a “Here I am” set of paragraphs. It is nice to know that you can always go back and change things in the future because your blog should always be a work in progress.

I decided to open up with a bit about starting over and why I am moving past my previous content that were satire and things I thought were funny. I didn’t really know what I want to write about and then it hit…discuss what I know and is valuable to someone else. Isn’t that what people want? They want to know how to do XYZ. My experience over the last few decades has been selling, marketing, and reaching the right audience. I have been doing this my entire life.

Now you have to dig deep and think about what you have to offer someone. Why is the information you have valuable? Maybe it teaches someone reading it, or makes them feel good at the end of the day. These are things that you should line out upfront so you know what the main driving point is and build your site around that. You are allowed to have some fun in your blog and skirt the main topics from time to time. I know I do this to let people in on what my life is like and who I am behind all of these massive posts.

Opening up the first first remarks is often much different that the content on the pages such as About, Contact, Terms, Privacy, and so on. This is the base of your blog and how you shake hands with your reader. I don’t want this to be an exact science either. Loosen up and write down why people want to come back and read more. Tell them something that they want to know that you might solve for them. Could it be that they just want someone to guide them in a particular niche. Whatever you choose it’s important to make your blog unique so it stands out from all of the other content on the web today.

Take some time if needed and think about it. In the meantime, here are some ideas of where to begin.

  • Road map of your blog’s future.
  • Your main goals with your blog and what you want to achieve.
  • The scope of your blog and what topics or niche you are covering.
  • Define blog members if you have more than one person contributing.
  • Discuss how the blog works such as navigation, guest blogging, or engagement.
  • Describe where your readers can find you on social media.
  • Provide reasons why they should bookmark your blog.

Those are just some thoughts to consider when writing the first blog entry. Depending on your niche, there may be many different roads to travel to a wonderful opening. The best part is that there really is no guidelines in how to do it. It’s your website and it’s completely in your control. Maybe the first publishing wasn’t good enough. Go back anytime you want and refine the details.

Do you have some tips that I didn’t cover? Maybe some interesting points that you added to your blog? Maybe from a readers perspective you have something that you would want to see covered in the opener? Either way, let’s extend this conversation in the comments and see what else we can bring to the table.

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