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How Answers Go Viral On Quora

How Answers Go Viral On QuoraAre you on Quora? I certainly am but not each day. The churn there can really drive me crazy. My writing competitors in my niche consistently merge my answers so I get less views and the questions become a repeat. Like Yahoo Answers, the same question will be asked a thousand times and those meam that old questions can have answers from 2011 or from yesterday. So how do you get seen on Quora? It’s both some guesses and some good old fashion writing.

Most of my answers have gotten attention of the past couple of years, but to go viral is different. I have never gotten 50,000 views on an answer overnight and I probably won’t. After looking at so many authors and their content I can easily see why I would not unless I had the patience or an angel and the charisma like Johnny Carson.

In many ways, Quora can give you a lot of views, upvotes and even some comments. You have to work for them though. In some cases you literally have to work for them. This could be just as a Top Writer or in another position of influence. The secret recipe is in the open, but most will never get seen because they don’t want to write in such a way that they get seen. Here is a quick list that you can follow to make sure you have the best chance of going viral and maintain that status.

  • Fill out your profile completely and put a good avatar up too.
  • Make sure you add your bio and things you know about.
  • When answering questions go all out. Straight from the horse’s keyboard.
  • Follow influencers and consistently engage with them on answers.
  • Hop into trending questions and kill it on your answer so people see it and upvote it.
  • Engage with all replies and comments.
  • Be there as everyday and keep answering in as many categories as possible.
  • Keep looking for the very best questions and make sure to tag some folks in it.
  • Tagging can help get you upvoted and shared quickly.
  • Keep looking for other opportunities to be seen as well. It’s all about those views.

The virality of a question or answer depends on what is trending online at the moment. This could be across social networks, the news, or anywhere else on the net. What’s currently going on in the world, that has everyone’s attention, can be your ride to being noticed. Combine this with your own popularity on Quora (hopefully you have been working on this) and connect it with an answer that attracts eyes. That’s a perfect storm for “just the right question, at just the right time” for you to nail.

Think of it as hitch hiking onto a trending topic on Twitter and reaping benefits from it by adding to the conversation. Don’t ask questions that no one cares about either. No one will love you for being boring. Be original and creative and make sure you go the extra mile each and every time. You want to be number one always!

Some people and companies leverage hashtags to get seen, but this could go horribly wrong if you are using it incorrectly. The key is knowing how Quora works and how members react to content. Study this and get it down to a science.

I wish there was a perfect list that you can run down and say, “Yup, this one is going viral”. It doesn’t work that way. I would say that even being able to know in advance that you can get some serious sharing on an answer is difficult. Stay in the what’s hot section and make sure you are answering a couple questions each day. I do this about every 6 months or so when I have the time to really commit to Quora. Also make sure you share your answers on Twitter at least. Sharing on Facebook never did much for me.

I think the bigger question is if going viral on Quora even matters. I think for some people it does. You can gain credibility, authority in a niche, and hopefully some traffic for your website or whatever it is that you want people to see. For me, I truly don’t think all of the hours and content I published has resulted in much. Perhaps it gave me ideas to blog about and practice in writing, but overall I met a few really awesome people. I never tried to go viral. I travel in smaller niches and only when I “feel it” do I sit down for a good 1,000 words or so. I have to be “in the mood” for writing, but it is nice when I get some messages from people asking follow up questions.

I get about 1-2 messages per month from readers, even if I haven’t written in a long time. My goal is to write for a month every 9-12 months or so. I know it sounds crazy but I need to get visitors here on my own blog and not writing just to benefit Quora. You might want to ask yourself what your goals for using Quora are. What’s the point? Does it add value? I would say yes to those questions, but only in small doses.

What do you think about Quora? Have you gone viral on Quora? What did I miss or nail? Let me know below!

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