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Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be an amazing way to branch out and hit another audience that might be interested in what you bring to the table. For the entire existence of this blog, it has been mono-content. Having a different view or additional ideas can only improve what this whole thing is about. If you want to to guest blog here, please send me an email at [email protected] so we can begin the conversation. I can tell you upfront that this is not a drop point for SEO, content marketing and so on.

Generally, I prefer that a guest blogger brings actual content to the site and not just a promotional post. Most blogs will accept almost anything, but around here, I am a content snob. I love great content and sharing it with everyone. You can be a part of it if you can write high-quality content and in exchange you will have a footprint here and a bio with links to your site or social media links. I will comb through the requests carefully to make sure the content is right for the audience and that it serves a purpose.

Before getting to far ahead of myself, let me make it easier so you know what I am looking for in guest blogs:

  • No links in the article that are not support of the conversation. I know what contextual links are.
  • Each author gets their own author box which includes name, email, site, social, and a bio.
  • Content has to be original and helpful.
  • No, I won’t use your infographic is that is the only thing you are going to ask.
  • I don’t write on behalf of someone.
  • Articles that are short are unlikely to be posted.
  • Content should be actionable and cover a topic that is of interest.
  • This isn’t a drop off ezine. I am a content snob.

You are welcome to either email me or fill out this form below.