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Google Plus Page Profile and Cover Design

Google Plus Page Profile and Cover DesignYes, we have all heard that Google Plus died on arrival years ago. The weird thing is that there are still millions of people actually using it which makes it a platform you now have to consider. I know it’s frustrating, but when it comes to selling or pushing a brand it doesn’t leave you much room to figure out if you should go ahead and create a page. Of course, you should! It is still a thing and it still works so the next conversation we need to have is how do we get you looking good over at G+? The answer is in this product/service listing. We know design, and G+ is no stranger. So, what do you get here?

  • 1 cover image made to Google Plus’s dimensions (2120 x 1192px)
  • 1 profile made to fit Google Plus’s dimensions (250 x 250px)
  • Files to include .ai, .eps, .png, .gif, .jpg/.jpeg, .psd ( all or some depending on the design)

Things you should consider providing us:

  • Logo artwork, if you are unable then the profile image will not be done and only the cover will be delivered.
  • Things you would like to see used in your design (text, shapes, colors, images)
  • A deadline (we design in order of the orders we get)

Once we have everything, we will begin the design stage and show you what we came up with. You can have as many revisions if needed within reason. Within reason should be defined as 10 or less changes and that’s actually a lot. I want to make sure you get the very best design. I ask that you help us upfront by laying out what you are looking for. Also, please let us know if we can use your end images as samples to future buyers in the gallery. If you agree and we choose it, we will link to your page. Our only use would be for portfolio use only or advertising the service. If you don’t want us to use them then we will respect that decision.

Delivery is usually within a week at most depending on the time of year, and the files will be emailed or a link to download the zip file from Dropbox or Google Drive. Below you will see the portfolio of G+ covers we have done. I didn’t include the profile images because they are typically the logo and the color background.

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