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Goodbye South Korea, Hello Philippines

Goodbye South Korea, Hello PhilippinesIt’s time to say goodbye to 5 years of living in South Korea. This is where I completed the last quarter of my career serving in the Air Force. There was a visit in 1999 and two tours prior which gives me a grand total of 7 years & 6 months if my math is correct.

My first trip was when I was a young airman in 1999, then as an non-commissioned officer in 2003-2004 & 2009-2010 and finally as a senior non-commissioned officer in 2012-2017. It was a good run and my two youngest kids got to travel the world and go to school in the DoD elementary. Seeing how other countries work will certainly shape them into better adults I hope.

As of this post, I am officially retired from the U.S. Air Force. There was no ceremony or anything like that to share with you. Half my family isn’t here and it’s just not my style. I just wanted to move onto my next chapter of life that starts in the Philippines. We are not ready to go to the states just yet, but in time we will see so many friends and family members again. My wife has been traveling with me for almost 13 years and it’s time to go spend some time with her family while I take some time to unwind and write more. There is a lot that I really want to do and spending time with family is a big part of that.

This is probably the last time I will write about serving in the military because I want to look forward and do something bigger in the community. I want to be known for something more and it motivates me to find what the next stepping stone is. It’s exciting after all!

We are just waiting for my wife’s passport before hopping on a plane bound for Luzon, Philippines. I am not going to post my address or anything, but I will share my adventures with my GoPro. House hunting, receiving our household goods and setting up the office is the next big task. The goal is to get the kids into school, the Mrs into culinary class, and setting up a studio where I can do the things I want. Focusing on shooting YouTube videos, podcasting, and blogging is what I will try to do next on a daily basis.

The big trip to the United States will come later in the year after I get my Veteran Affairs stuff done and I feel that taking the trip makes sense. Without having to be at work all the time, for someone else, will give me focus in making awesome content. I will give updates in how things go along the way on social media for those that want to catch up with me. Meeting some expats and locals that have a lot in common will be important as well. Living in other countries can be really challenging but we are equipped to do it after 20 years. Hopefully there will be a good community for support.

Why this post? Well, it marks the fact that I am actually done with serving on active duty and being able to step into a new set of goals. Serving was my pleasure and now it’s time to do the things that I have the passion to do. That is to continue writing about topics you might be interested in or questions I get asked on social media. Anything is possible with some new found time to fill.

I will come back to this post in the future when I have my pics and office setup to post the pics of serving that are tucked away. There is a few memories worth sharing so look forward to that.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you will come back for new posts each week. The goal is at least 10 new posts per month but that doesn’t always happen. Keep me to it!

[Reserved for Future Gallery of Me In Uniform]

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