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Godaddy Domain Renewals Are Expensive, But Everyone Else Is Too

02-Godaddy-Domain-Renewals-Are-Expensive,-But-Everyone-Else-Is-Too-300pxI hate dealing with domain renewals because they cost a lot of money and it’s a distraction to check which domains need to be renewed and when, plus the endless emails warning me about product expiration. I don’t enjoy coupon shopping or trying to figure out another way to save a buck either. I have been with GoDaddy since 2005 and I am not overly fond of them but it’s like anything else, just a transaction that has to happen at some registrar. They just happen to be easier to deal with than others. They don’t sponsor me and I have no affiliation with them other than they charge my credit card a lot.

For the last few weeks I have been doing the number crunching for the first time while trying to see if there was a cheaper way to pay for my domain names. As of this writing I have 58 domains that I rent on an annual basis. Of those 58, 5 were up for renewal for the month of March (2016). I decided to scour the internet for articles that might help me transfer to a more reasonable registrar but when I searched for “cheap domain registration” or “godaddy is expensive” I received what I assumed are paid pieces or advertorials. I am very wary about the top 10 results, always. People are naturally bad, and businesses are worse when it comes to tricking Google to list them higher in the results. Search “Search Engine Optimization” to see how big of a “thing” it is.

So I figured I would share my results of my arithmetic and see if this helps you out or not for your decisions to renew or transfer to a different registrar. My current registrar is GoDaddy and I was going to transfer all domains to Name Cheap. Here are the breakdown:

Godaddy vs Other Registrars

Hopefully you can clearly see I did not transfer any domains or have reservations about what I needed to do. I stayed with GoDaddy, added Domain Discount Club and processed my order.

Now, I got very lucky because I got the Domain Discount Club for half price for no apparent reason, which I did add to the numbers above. Knowing that the going rate is $90/yr I had no choice but to buy 3 years worth. I ended up paying about $140 for 3 years of discounts which is just icing on the cake. Not only did I get the sweet savings on the domain club price, it also translates into about $1,500.00 in savings over the next 3 years on domain renewals too! Most people might ask if I am retarded for spending my money like this, but I can assure you I am not. I really enjoy web development so it’s worth it to me and now it’s a business write off for my LLC.

This is for those people looking for the numbers and want to skip all the fake articles about how

[enter whatever domain registrar] is amazing. They are not, and those articles are lies. I literally just charged my credit card about an hour ago with the above numbers. This isn’t an opinion, or even much of an editorial. This is basically my receipt that I decided to share. I wish I had an affiliate link or something, but I don’t.

If you save some money because of this article let me know in the comments. If I missed something, let me know as well and I will try to fix any mistakes I made here.

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