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A Glimpse Into 2016 & Changes It Will Bring

Happy New Year'sWell, 2015 has come and gone and I have accomplished a lot, but not everything I had hoped for. I love setting big goals each year and then seeing what I had accomplished at the end. This year I spent a lot of time cultivating my brand and building several new ones at the same time. That’s not going to change, but there are many things that are about to. I want to share some things that are going to happen in 2016 with you.

As some know, I am an active duty Airman in the U.S. Air Force. If you didn’t know, then the cat is certainly out of the bag. This is my retirement year. I will say goodbye  in October and start a new chapter in my life. In the end, I will have given 20.5 years of my life serving. That’s a long time and during which I have traveled the world, met amazing people, learned the person that I truly am and much, much more. During these years I’d been to Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, all around the U.S and Mexico and many layovers in dozens of countries.

I never served in Afghanistan or Iraq, and while I thought that would make my service less valuable, I am glad all the scheduled deployments got cancelled for one reason or another. I was scheduled to setup remote communications in Jordan, then that was cancelled for a place called Batman in Turkey. Both were cancelled because Turkey refused a strike from the northern part of Iraq. Later, I was slated for several more but they never materialized and I was sent to South Korea 4 separate times, and ultimately, where I have spent almost half my career at.

I thought I would be shunned by not directly serving in those locations as I visited the VFW in the future, but those feelings have since passed. I watched many friends leave and come back 6 months to a year later and they had changed a lot. Some are empty shells of who they used to be, some are so depressed they have tried or succeeded in suicide, and many are just angry. I don’t want this post to be confused as a political inducing opinion that I am bringing to the table even though the reality is that almost anything is political these days. I am stating my personal views about the effects of war. I am not in favor of any of the wars, or the continued projection of more. These are my personal feelings.

I want to note that the following paragraph goes against the 3 tenants of a conversation turned fist fight. I was the 1st male hairdressing graduate from H.H. Ellis R.V.T.S. and Mrs. Beverly Jazcawitz (spelling?) told me never to talk politics, religion, or sex unless you are prepared for bad things to happen. I am still going to break the rule and share politics with you briefly. Skip the next paragraph if you have no interest in it.

I am an educated man that continues to consume more information each day. I have decided that this will be the first year that I register to vote. My wife as well. She became a U.S. citizen in 2011 and it’s time we put these rights to work. I will say it proudly that I deeply hope that Bernie Sanders takes the election. We need him. If you disagree and feel that someone else is a better choice then I respect that. I am merely voicing my opinion from someone who is grinding through the military industrial complex and see’s the actual mishandling of our government. My best friend of 31 years said he is all in on Trump and I am not bothered by it in the least. May the man with the most votes win. There, I shared something that I probably shouldn’t, but this is me. I have become a full progressive that sees the long game and hope that America will stay great, because we are still a great country that has been issues that deeply separate many of us.

This blog is the cornerstone to my future. I want to transition from my current profession into my next which hopefully will be as an author, a leader in my new company, and home with my family. I want to continue writing how to use social media to your advantage of growing your brand and other posts that could help you navigate the internet in a more productive way. I will bring some of my content over from a few sites that I plan to close and add them into this blog. I also plan on not writing much here for the next 6 months. I need that time to finish a few things, but I will make a point to ensure this website doesn’t go dormant.

The new year makes me reflect on accomplishments. I had written thousands of words in 2015 not only on here, but also on Quora, Medium and other platforms. I coached 15 podcast creators and elevated the production on the AM Podcast Network. I also invested into another website that will be unveiled in 2017. I recorded video, interviewed some folks on Blab, and have built a strong following on Twitter. I am more than happy about the amount of success I have had.

My #1 goal this year is to turn what I have built into a money making effort. I mean that in a very positive way. I want to help people, sell merchandise, and produce an income stream without using sponsors or advertisers. I would rather close shop than to put an ad on any of my sites. This is a goal that I am actually questioning the reality of. Making money online isn’t simple. I have to prove my brand and show fans that I am worth donating a few bucks to. I know that I would certainly keep my wallet closed until I was sure that someone earned my hard earned money. So this will be a focus. I have to give so much value that people want to support me. That’s quality value and not quantity.

Last year I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and it had stunted part of my content creation, honestly, a large majority of. The medications made me stop podcasting because of the effects of Lyrica, which gave me memory loss. For example, I would start recording and then completely forget everything I wanted to say. This was embarrassing so instead of forcing myself to do it, I had decided to help other podcast hosts improve their reach. This is probably the most intimate thing I have shared, but I am a transparent kind of person. Much of my goals were just limited by pain, fatigue, and writers block. I wanted 100 posts on this blog last year and I made it to 35 published and 80 drafts currently waiting.

Lastly, I am hoping to cap 2016 off with moving to the Philippines and excusing myself from the busy everyday life. The 4 of us will be picking a spot and enjoying what’s to come. I want to work from home, home school my 2 youngest children and I will be seeing my oldest off to college in the Fall. Working from home will give me a freedom that many people will never get to experience. I need that in my life right now.

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