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Facebook Page Profile and Cover Design

Facebook Profile & Cover DesignSo, there you are with a Facebook page old or new and the design doesn’t look that great or maybe you want to refresh what you have currently. Don’t sweat it. We take your input on the checkout page in the notes to design you a great looking page that a fan will land on and like. Those notes are very simple. All you have to do is tell us the 2-4 colors you want to use, maybe you love giraffes and you want them to be a part of that design. Just tell us and let us give you something original and unique. Things to keep in mind is that Facebook’s policy for cover images say that your cover can’t be more than 20% text. So, what do you get here?

  • 1 cover image made to FB’s dimensions (851 x 315px)
  • 1 profile made to fit FB’s dimensions 180 x 180px (160 x 160px shown)
  • Files to include .ai, .eps, .png, .gif, .jpg/.jpeg, .psd ( all or some depending on the design)

Things you should consider providing us:

  • Logo artwork
  • Things you would like to see used in your design (text, shapes, colors, images)
  • A deadline (we design in order of the orders we get)

Once we have everything, we will begin the design stage and show you what we came up with. You can have as many revisions if needed within reason. Within reason should be defined as 10 or less changes and that’s actually a lot. I want to make sure you get the very best design. I ask that you help us upfront by laying out what you are looking for. Also, please let us know if we can use your end images as samples to future buyers in the gallery. If you agree and we choose it, we will link to your page. Our only use would be for portfolio use only or advertising the service. If you don’t want us to use them then we will respect that decision.

Delivery is usually within a week at most depending on the time of year, and the files will be emailed or a link to download the zip file from dropbox or Google Drive. You can see some of my portfolio below, but take note that I left the profile images out because they are mostly just the logo.

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