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Elevated Comments FTW

Elevated Comments FTWHave you struggled to find a way to sort better comments from the ones that are just, meh? Postmatic has yet another plugin called Elevated Comments and I truly think this one is special. I wanted to take a bit of time to see if I can do it some justice now that I have used it for well over a month. It’s normal for me to use something for a while before passing judgement in a blog post.

My first step before getting to far into writing a review is to reach out to the developers for their comments to questions I might have. Writing a review without giving them a chance to put their thoughts into the post seems too one-sided. Of course, this can’t always happen, but I at least try.

I’ll admit that I didn’t know about the Elevated Comment plugin until Jason from Postmatic replied back to my request for answers. He said that I was missing one, and it’s an important part of their offerings. He pointed me to their about page so I could view the package of plugins and surf around their site too.

I wrote a huge email that contained a list of questions for the Postmatic team and it was good to receive a fast reply, but also one with depth. I had asked Jason, “I was aware of Epoch and Postmatic free plugins, but how did the other 2 new ones come to join the lineup?”. I only knew about 4 plugins and missed a new one they added. The “2 new ones” should have been “3 new ones”. His responses were in length and I appreciate the effort he put into the response. Most developers won’t even give you much, if one at all. Here is his response to my question about this plugin specifically.

The latest plugin we released (Elevated Comments) is actually a spinoff of some tech we had to develop for Postmatic. The problem? Not all comments are actually worth emailing out to subscribers (nice post, dude). We needed something to perform some analysis on incoming comments and determine their reading level, relevance, and general quality. If they are smart and make sense, Postmatic will send them to subscribers. If not, it holds them back. Elevated Comments takes the same language technology and determines what the best comment is on a post and then features it above the fold. This brings the conversation up to the top of the post which frames the discussion and seriously drives engagement.

Why This Is a Big Deal

Comment sections are overlooked on most of the blogs I have visited and read content from. Once I started reviewing my site, I began to realize there are many areas that could benefit from a little more attention. This is what sparked me to reviewing plugins and putting the plugins that I think are worth the effort up for everyone. In a sea of shitty plugins to choose from, it’s rare to find the right one at the right time. I have spent countless hours surfing plugins and trying them to only find them not solving a problem, or worse, adding more problems.

Note: As I stated in the other Postmatic plugin reviews, this isn’t a paid review. I don’t do those. I use my time for those who deserve it.

There are three areas that this plugin affects. The first is the settings, then what it looks like, and finally manual insertion. I took screen caps to cover what each looks like.

The first of these screen caps is the admin side of the plugin. The settings are really simple, like 1 box to check or don’t check kind of simple. Sometimes it just is that straight-forward and I can’t think of any settings I would want in addition to the one provided. If you have any, please tell me in the comment section so it can get passed along to the team. I know they are always looking for ways to simplify, yet adding good ideas into their plugins.

This is the second piece of the plugin that works without my help. The automation of putting the better comments into the post to give it a bit more flavoring is welcomed. I like this, and at first, I thought I had something set incorrectly. Nope, just a kickass feature from this plugin. This makes my life easier when it comes too adding these kinds of things into a design or layout.

A screenshot of Elevated Comments in action.

Finally, a shot at the ability to manually select where you want the elevated comment to be. I like having the control over placement and this absolutely helps me to position a great comment if the need arises. Once more comments get submitted I will make sure the posts don’t become difficult to digest. I can’t imagine that this would be a highly used feature, but still one that you should tuck away if needed.


That’s it! A simple run through of Elevated Comments that you can add to your WordPress blog and start letting it help your content look a bit more professional without spending lots of time moving things around. If you like what this plugin does then please check out the reviews of the other ones I have already finished.

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