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I Didn’t Forget To Like or Subscribe

I Didn't Forget to Like or SubscribeThis post is a bit “tongue in cheek” and meant as a jab at content creators that still lean on an expression that has been repeated, then repeated, and so on in every ending in the audio and video areas. I promise that I get it, applaud the effort, but I am also ready to move the pandering into a different direction. It’s okay to pander a bit, but you have to consider if your pandering is effective or are there other calls to actions that you could use. Using as many as possible isn’t the answer either.

So many folks that watch or listen to content have been acclimated to the inevitable ending, “Oh and please don’t forget to like and subscribe”.  I have been trained to like and subscribe and YouTube as many other have as well. The line has been around a long time so I think it’s safe to say that people know how to do both of those things. The problem is that the ask doesn’t really help anymore and we could be asking for something else instead.

I will like and subscribe when I see fit, kind sir or ma’am (pinky out). I have asked people to do this too in some of my content so this is a lesson for me also.

There are massive amounts of content to consume and I simply cannot subscribe to all channels or feeds. No one can, so it’s important that you create high-quality content and hope people liked it enough to put you in their line-up. You are either in my top 20 channels that I subscribe to or you aren’t.I make no bones about it and I know plenty of people that can say they do the same.

My main question here is to see if we really need this last call to action at the end of every YouTube video? Has it worn out the welcome mat like the “Follow Us on Facebook!” did about 3 years ago when Facebook asked businesses to start paying? I think the answer lies somewhere between a “Maybe” and a “Yes!”. We are well past the assumption that it is still valid and needed as all generations that consume YouTube on a regular basis know how and where to subscribe to you. The subscribe and like (or dislike) are in a well placed spot under the video. This applies to podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, newsfeeds, or whatever content you create or consume.

I don’t want this to be just an “Adam sure is grumpy” post. Instead I want to find a better way to use that space and get people to start doing something else. What could that be? Let me brainstorm with a fun list:

  • Drive them to your Medium account and see if you can nab some extra readers and earn their follow again.
  • More people are using Twitter now. Facebook has lost it’s luster either along with other social platforms.
  • Download a new eBook or a link to you narrating your eBook on SoundCloud. I am hesitant on SC’s life currently, so I self-host on Amazon S3 instead.
  • Ask them a question and tell them answer in the comments. Gary Vee does this with his show and it creates massive engagement.
  • Shows them the bloopers in making the video during your outro.
  • Share something unique or tell them what’s being edited right now so they know what to expect in the coming weeks.
  • Find another channel to do cross-promotion with and plug something interesting.
  • Do something no one else does. I don’t know what that is which is why only you can do this.

This list could go on for pages and it’s just meant as some thoughts for when you edit together your next video. We need to break that cycle of “click links in the description”, “like & subscribe”, and other things that have become common place. You can use the top suggestions however you like and of course keep using the description boxes for links. The goal here for many content creators is to drive people to other places and get them following you everywhere! That causes another problem though that I addressed a few times. Where creators will take one post, video, or whatever and add it to all platforms they are on. This means that there is no reason to follow you on any of those places because they will get the same thing anyways.

That’s it. Just a short thought that I wanted to open a discussion on and I think for new creators especially it’s worth the dialogue so they can come into their spaces with more information to maximize their returns on investment.

What’s your limit to subscribing? Do you just have hundreds?

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