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Crowd Control in the Comments

Crowd Control in the CommentsAnother plugin that I am throwing into the “dissection of WordPress commenting” is Crowd Control by Postmatic. This is #2 of the 7 posts I am publishing for the line up of plugins that are from Postmatic. They are a significant game changer that I think is not being heard enough in the blogging circles.

In complete transparency, I am not being paid, sponsored, or receiving anything in return for this series. This review, along with the others, are strictly based on my full appreciation of what they have done for bloggers and how much I believe in native WordPress commenting versus the third-party offerings. These reasons are based on SEO benefits, flexibility, less dependency, and content should be in one location. Whether or not you agree is a different story and I am willing to hear all reasonable arguments.

” I believe in native WordPress commenting versus the third-party offerings.”

Agreed. Some of the commenting systems and capabilities out there are quite sexy (compared to native WordPress), but I do not want to hand over comment content to a third-party.

Guinness Ian
From the comments

The first post covered the plugin Epoch and what it gives in terms of improvements. Crowd Control expands the microsphere that Postmatic created with a very fine-tuned experience all happening in the comment area. If you have been blogging for a while you know how much we crave comments. We seek engagement because it validates our content and extends the conversation. If you are new to WordPress or blogging then this should be a really solid foundation from the start. Let jump into Crowd Control starting with Postmatic’s description.

Adam Mulholland Line Break

WordPress Directory Description
Crowd Control gives your users the ability to report comments as inappropriate with a single click. If a comment gets flagged multiple times it’ll be removed from the post and marked as pending moderation. We’ll even send you an email to let you know. Now you can still go away on vacation and rest assured the trolls won’t overrun your site.

We forked an abandoned Automattic plugin, brought it up to speed, improved it, and released it as Crowd Control – Jason from Postmatic

Plugin Settings

The admin area for Crowd Control is really simple and to configure it, you simply just go to the /wp-admin>Settings>Discussion and start clicking. I took a quick screenshot of it below. There are only a couple of things to tick or un-tick depending on how you want to utilize this plugin. Clearly, you can see that you can set the tolerance for hiding and sending a notice to the admins.


Crowd Control by Postmatic Settings

Below you will see that going into the Comment section in WordPress will show the reported comments all the way to the left. I think this is simple and effective for going right to the problem areas of the comments. This is a simple, yet great plugin to install and activate.

Crowd Control by Postmatic BackendSummary

I obviously like this plugin and what Postmatic is doing for us. The pieces being enabled or disabled will depend on the preference of the admin. This is a short post because it’s a simple plugin that happens to be straight-forward in it’s use. We all should want our readers to be able to report a comment that takes away from the engagement. Targeting the spam and deleting it as quick as possible improves the value we bring. If you have more questions, or just want to be a part of this conversation then please leave a comment. I also hope you will check out this plugin and see if it can be used in a positive way to transform your commenting capabilities.

Other plugins are Social Commenting, and Epoch.

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