As we cover platforms, it’s important to discuss Plugins & Addons that give users and admins an easier time or a more useful experience. At the end of the day many of these are developed to add something to a CMS or platforms. This section allows us to discuss and review these smaller chunks of what makes platforms even better. I have developed my own plugins for WordPress and have used many top-notch addons that transformed a website into something amazing.

As we breakdown reviews for different chunks of code and possibly the developers themselves, so we can recommend or not, I certainly hope you enjoy the process. If you have one of these that you would like to see reviewed without it being an affiliate link (this is always disclosed) or a paid ad then let me know. There are thousands that can be taken for a spin to see how it goes so we will only focus on ones that we think a crowd would use.

Clash of Autoptimize, Cache Enabler & WP Rocket WordPress Plugins

Update May 29, 2017: I am deciding to rescind my advocation for WP-Rocket. They haven't done anything wrong and they made a difference in the past. After switching from Wiredtree (Now Liquid Web) to SSD Nodes, there is almost no difference in the sites speed with or without WP-Rocket. Even though my license doesn't expire until December 2017 I plan to move to another solution that is free and lightweight. No bad story to give, no bad blood, or anything

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Meet ARMember, the New Plugin For WordPress Membership Sites

I have tried several plugins in order to create a membership site here and all of them had a feature that I wanted missing or the support was absent. Others were too difficult to set up and I moved on after frustration kicked in. There are many plugins, forums, platforms, and everything else that you can use to bring in money to offset costs of servers and other expenses.I haven't tried every single one, but I will absolutely review all the

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Postmatic Deserves a Spotlight & a Full Review

To start things out I need to clear up a couple things that might be confusing upfront. This post is about Postmatic Basic, the free version of their plugin that you can reply by email to comments. They also have Postmatic that is a subscription service that I am not covering in this review because I feel that the majority of people wanting to know more will be Basic users until they bring in the revenue to justify the cost.

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Great WordPress Themes That Are Worth Buying

I have seen this question a lot across different social media communities for podcasting and the answer is usually the same. Frankly, the days of "themed" Wordpress themes are on their way out. This is because more theme developers are putting more flexibility into their products than ever before. Generally, this might not exist for a free theme, but I don't use free themes any more. I will not be covering free themes in this because I am not actively using

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Postmatic Basic & Subscription for WordPress Comments!

It's time to run through the plugin that changed the conversation...literally. This one was saved for last because it was the most important of all of the other offerings from Postmatic. Postmatic is the single most important thing that has changed the entire way we see comments from just a quick "hit & run" to how Google engineered Google+ and Gmail for fast and easy communication. This is the only plugin that I know allows you to subscribe to the

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Schedule It with Calendarize It! for WordPress

Updated June 2017: scroll to the bottom to read the update. Please do not purchase this plugin. I no longer recommend it for many reasons. I will not alter the original review to reduce any confusion.Upfront, this plugin is my favorite out of all the plugins I have ever bought or used. I purchased 2 licenses for my websites because of the amount of customizing and features that it added to my site. All of the sudden people will know

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Elevated Comments FTW

Have you struggled to find a way to sort better comments from the ones that are just, meh? Postmatic has yet another plugin called Elevated Comments and I truly think this one is special. I wanted to take a bit of time to see if I can do it some justice now that I have used it for well over a month. It's normal for me to use something for a while before passing judgement in a blog post. My

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Social Commenting Done Correctly

It's hard to get WordPress's commenting done correctly because of the many options available and all of the pro's telling you to use this or that. Now, I am one of those pro's too. I think I have found a bit of the good stuff that isn't sweeping the WordPress world at the moment and I hope this gives you some insight.Let's lead off with a quick discussion on why WordPress sucks when it comes to commenting so we can understand

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Crowd Control in the Comments

Another plugin that I am throwing into the "dissection of WordPress commenting" is Crowd Control by Postmatic. This is #2 of the 7 posts I am publishing for the line up of plugins that are from Postmatic. They are a significant game changer that I think is not being heard enough in the blogging circles. In complete transparency, I am not being paid, sponsored, or receiving anything in return for this series. This review, along with the others, are strictly

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Epoch Speeds Up WordPress Native Commenting

There is this plugin called Epoch, that's been developed by a company named Postmatic. I have been using it for about a year at this point and it's going nowhere, anytime soon. This will be the first of seven posts that I planned on doing to showcase the entire package for those bloggers that are looking for something but still unsure of what they could be doing with their commenting section. Before I dive into all of this goodness that

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