Who doesn’t run to the web when something wrong happens and you don’t know how to do something? I know it’s either Google or YouTube that I search for a solution. Our goal here is to show you how to use a script, or provide you a solution in how “something” is done. How-To’s became very popular and bloomed so many websites to help people out. While this section is no replacement for everything, I do hope to provide reasonable how-to’s for your online business, websites, or even company registration. I have some knowledge that needs to be shared.

If you don’t see a how-to in this section that would be very helpful please grab my email and let me know so I can work on getting a fix and a post about it. There is a million things to teach someone and I hope to help as many users as possible.

Where To Learn Web Development and Professional Tools

There is no shortage in finding websites that are filled with pointers on becoming a full stack developer. Maybe you don't want to be a full stack dev? No problem, you can learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, and countless other technologies instead. I can't list all of the places to learn these languages, tools, and classes, but I can help point you in the right direction on where to start if you have admirations to become more capable.YouTube is

Authors Can Leverage YouTube & Win With Patreon

If there is one thing that people want in life is money. We equate money to a worry-free existence and many paths have been well traveled to get to that point in life. All creators want is to stay at home and work online so they can express their gift for writing, painting, blogging, photography and the rest of the talents that one could use to make money. In the beginning of the internet, massive amounts of people flocked to

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Email Like a Boss With Sendy for Pennies

Sendy is a self-hosted newsletter solution that utilizes Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) & Simple Notification Service (SNS) to push communications to your subscribers through email. Simply put, you pay $59 for Sendy and then setup the script on your own hosting service. Once you finish setting it up, you signup with Amazon by going through the process of setting up SES & SNS and tying it with your Sendy installation. This could be super easy for some people and a few

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Developing A Portfolio From Nothing To Build Work Experience

The old adage of "You have to give a little to get a little" is what comes to mind with the portfolio development process. There are a good number of people on freelancing sites such as UpWorks and oDesk that are trying to learn how to nab that first job. Those are the people that come well prepared with a reasonably filled out portfolio along with a sales pitch. The downside is it's all pitch with no portfolio, a website, some

Military Serving Overseas & You Want to Open a Small Business

I don't hide that I serve overseas in South Korea, but I don't discuss it a whole lot either because I don't create content about it, and it's not for long as I retire at the end of this year. What is important is that I searched for months, asked experts, and still came up empty handed on how to open a LLC while serving overseas with no stateside address. I finally know how, and I did it so it's

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