This section of the site is about hardware reviews. Anything that I have touched, used, and deserves to be written about in a negative or positive way is here. I go through PC case, HDDs, SSDs, and build systems all the time. They are part of what makes a business run so I have to cover here. Besides, sometimes I have a lot of fun doing so and I even film some of the builds with my son as the camera man. I have built servers, routers, and computers for the last 20 years.

I want to breakdown barriers for people that think hardware is intimidating or a waste of time. Getting the correct components can make a huge difference in productivity. While I am not an edge user, I am familiar with what works and how to get the most out of my workstations. If you find that I have yet to cover a piece of hardware feel free to email me and I will do my best in fixing that.

2017 Office Computer Build: Xeon E5 2650 V3 ES 10-Core

I am always looking for upgrades when it comes to my computer and I figured that sharing my current setup can help others looking to build something fun or functional. I manage a lot of websites, work on designs for all different applications, and I want to focus in on recording audio and video this year more than anything else. Knowing this upfront drove me towards Intel for this build. I have a couple AMD FX series rigs from the

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My 30-Day Review Of SSDNodes Web Hosting

It's been a bit over a month now with my payment for $240/year to SSDNodes on April 14, 2017. My last host, which was Wiredtree, cost almost $750/yr so I was able to cut two-thirds of my annual costs and got 8 times the server. I knew 2017 was going to be a budget year for me. Trimming the fat where I can wasn't really much of a choice as I move into starting my own business and living on a

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R.I.P. Wiredtree, No To Liquid Web, But Hello SSDNodes

It's "host choosing time" and it only took 4 months for me to make a decision on the future home of my websites, apps, and whatever else I want to host. My hosting company sold out to a bigger competitor at the end of 2016. Hosting companies come and go and this is just the technology "circle of life". Technology moves fast and as startups come, they go just as quickly which is why we get a new Apple or

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My Home Server Build With Freenas 9.3

I spent 2 solid weeks combing through Youtube, the FreeNas forum, dozens of blog posts and whatever else I could get my hands on to learn everything I could about building a home NAS (Network Attached Storage). I had an ASUS Home Server running Windows Home Server 2003 (it sucked, but it was better than nothing). It's a 2-bay internal drives, 6 external USB 2.0 ports, 2 external eSATA type of off-the-shelf solutions. It's ok, but I am ashamed to

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