Curious about what am I working On? I don’t mind sharing some of the boring or interesting things I am working on. In many ways my ADHD keeps me moving and getting into odd things from software or a hardware build. Some of the bigger YouTubers have inspired me to build LED video lights or a website that does XYZ. Having constant change and a waterfall of ideas and interests has been my anchor through the last 4 decades and something I had from the very beginning.

These posts are simply to discuss what I am currently diving into that may be an interest to my readers. I am always reading, building, or working on things that I want to share. If you want me to share a particular thing that maybe I posted on Twitter a little more than 140 characters then this could be the category just for that. Email me if you think it’s worth the cause.

This Marks the 100th Blog Post Milestone!

I made it! No, wait, we made it! After two years of re-committing myself to blogging I finally hit 100 posts. That's 100 original posts and not just content I brought over from another website. All of the content was based off of questions people had asked me in email or on social media. This made this project even better because it allowed me to dive deeper using my experience for someone who wanted it.The average post of mine is somewhere between

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Local SEO & B2B Website Services In Angeles City

If you know and understand SEO then you will see by the title alone that I am tracking a specific phrase for our new transition (moving) here in Angeles City, Philippines. We are still in "hotel mode" but this time gives me something to chew on that I hadn't considered until I needed to search for a hotel. I had planned on only focusing on my 3 websites and not to search out for other opportunities...until now.I had planned on

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Writing, Developing with Meteor & React

I wanted to bake my smaller posts into updates and this is the first one that I share what I am working on at the moment. Moment being defined as the next several weeks or so. Let's start with writing and work our way down a bit. If you haven't noticed, I have been writing a lot in the last week. I have been publishing almost 1 per day and I want to try to continue doing so for the

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