Sometimes I don’t want to post on Facebook or Twitter and I have more to say in a quick blog session. I keep social posts small and visual when possible, but it can be very confining. This small to medium size post is more a generalized post that I can share some random thoughts that maybe don’t relate to what I normally write. Either way, my goal is to give myself the freedom to bring discussion to the site when possible. The topics I will continue to avoid here are politics, sex, and religion. Those are the 3 things my hairdressing teacher taught me during high school. Talk all you want, but never about those 3 topics.

I look forward in giving this new found freedom to myself so people can come here for some laid back discussion as well. I will have another section that is a quick blog with pictures. That’s specifically a image oriented post and this section isn’t. That’s not to say I can’t share an image or too. That’s the separation of the 2 and hopefully it will keep the different types of content in their own confines.

This Marks the 100th Blog Post Milestone!

I made it! No, wait, we made it! After two years of re-committing myself to blogging I finally hit 100 posts. That's 100 original posts and not just content I brought over from another website. All of the content was based off of questions people had asked me in email or on social media. This made this project even better because it allowed me to dive deeper using my experience for someone who wanted it.The average post of mine is somewhere between

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Goodbye South Korea, Hello Philippines

It's time to say goodbye to 5 years of living in South Korea. This is where I completed the last quarter of my career serving in the Air Force. There was a visit in 1999 and two tours prior which gives me a grand total of 7 years & 6 months if my math is correct. My first trip was when I was a young airman in 1999, then as an non-commissioned officer in 2003-2004 & 2009-2010 and finally as a senior non-commissioned officer in

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Meet My Dad, Guy W. Mulholland

Before we jump into it, I want to say upfront that this is certainly the abbreviated version for the blog. I intend to detail as much information as possible until I can't think of anymore memories to add. I am initially publishing this 3 years after his death on the day. I plan to detail the beginning until the split in a future update. Let's start from my most vivid memories. From the Split at 8 in 1986 I come

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