Most sites have a way for people to ask questions that they would like answered and I want to answer some of the better ones. I get a lot of email each day from the 15 or so accounts I track and there are some really good questions that come along with them. This made me think that we needed an Ask & I Answer section where I can be a bit more candid that normal and choose from the pool of interesting questions that I think are better than simply adding a new FAQ line. If you are wondering why something is done the way it is, or have other things you want to know about anything, please send them my way and i will do my best to answer them.

If you want to know anything from behind the scenes or want me to talk about my childhood just send me an email and I will try to answer it the best I can as long as I think I can make an interesting blog post about it.

A Cool & Catchy Name For A Personal Blog

Name your blog before reading anything. Go ahead and do it right now! No, no, no...hold on, let's not do it that way. Some of the readers might be able to come up with the perfect name on the spot. Others will struggle with it for a long time and there is no right time to brainstorm. There is no expected time to come up with the perfect domain that all your readers will want to remember and visit. When

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Convincing Friends & Family Your Passion Is Greater Than Money

I can answer this with a couple of personal stories that are relatable. Someone asked this a few months back on Quora and I wanted to expand on it more and have some fun going through some of the best times in my life. I am a lucky dude by all accounts, but I am surrounded by people who love structure, money, or have no clue on what they would do with freedom to do what they like. It's mind boggling to me,

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Having To Choose Between Your Significant Other Or Your Job

This is a switch from some of the other topics I have covered, but still a great question from someone that clearly has a decision to make. Sometimes this happens and I know I have been here before as well. Relationships are hard and so is putting food on the table. I was listening to Joe Rogan's (JRE) podcast and there was a line that I appreciated in many ways. It was said as "100 years ago we didn't have

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What Is That Weird Traffic In My Google Analytics

Last year I was seeing garbage showing up in my analytics and I quickly started searching the web about what it could be.I looked at a couple websites that showed but they weren't linked to my websites. I sat scratching my head to what and why because this was completely new. There were no articles on this until a few days after I noticed (or I was unable to find them) the garbage referrers. I need clean numbers but this

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