Search Engine Optimization, or simply known as SEO, has been an industry since Google arrived as the dominant search engine and gave people a way to optimize for higher search results. Organic traffic is the holy grail which is also the top 3 spots on page one of a keyword you want people to find you with. People have been trying to get any advantage as possible because for many companies, a slip in search rankings can mean bankruptcy. SEO didn’t make it into my feild of view until around early 2005 as I started building my websites to beat everyone in the keywords that I wanted. I know each and every way to outrank my opponents and to some it made a huge deal.

Most of the SEO advantages have disappeared through Google updates and manual penalties applied for getting caught at manipulating the search results. This game of cat and mouse is one that is difficult and expensive. This section of the site will discuss the SEO field and techniques that people and businesses can use to getting better positions in search engines.

How Do You Promote An App Or Company Without Connections

If you are a new startup in Silicon Valley or working out of your garage and hoping to make it big then you better have a lot of hustle in you. Today's world is competitive if you haven't figured that out already. You need to be waking up and executing and hustling till it's time for bed. You probably have hundreds of questions on how you get funded and everyone is looking for the same thing. I am not an

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My SEO In the Past & My SEO Approach Now

I think this conversation can be beneficial for many people, and for others, a walk down memory lane. Time and knowledge has been collected through the years by large companies and absolutely changed how we rank in organic search each day. There are hundreds of companies collecting our information for the purpose of targeting us to buy something based on out profile. I particularly hate these companies and they know this which is why they don't promote themselves publicly. With

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Use Blog Commenting to Build Quality Traffic

Blog commenting isn't dead just yet, however, it is if you just plan on spamming links and not adding value. This is more about how to comment correctly and create value out of commenting on articles. Participating in conversations with other readers provide a value for everyone when it's done right. The definition of right is subjective of course. To keep it simple let's define it as content that continues the conversation or adds the discussion. This should eliminate those comments that are

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How To Turnaround SMM and SEO

Can you imagine how many businesses today still haven't invested in social media marketing, search engine optimization, or even content creation? Many brick and mortars are struggling to handle their online presence and frankly, it's hurting them more than ever before. This isn't the 80's where not purchasing a newspaper ad would lessen your grip on the market. The internet is an overwhelming force to deal with and most business owners aren't equipped to handle it. I am 37 years old and one

Should You SEO? Maybe We Should Talk Social Instead

I did a ton of SEO tactics in my website building years. That would be about 14 to be accurate. I consumed Digital Point, then later I wandered to Warrior Forum. You will notice I didn't link them, and please don't Google them. You are wasting your time if you do, just as if you were going to try to keep up with Google updates. If you do it right the first time, you don't have to worry about them.