Media thoughts gives me and other writers a chance to discuss how you can utilize all types of media to capture a larger customer reach. When you take the ideas of using different types of media from newspaper ads to magazine layouts offline and online, you begin thinking outside of the box. Together we can share a bigger story that takes your project to another level when you combine the ideas of branding and where to utilize that to it’s fullest possibility.

New opportunities open up at different times for different people. Podcasting was a quiet world up until a few years ago when it’s popularity began to climb quickly as new audio series came out. It interested a new crowd that learned audio is a medium that works and reaches further than text or visual. That audience was once a crowd on the fringe and is reachable for your message.

How Answers Go Viral On Quora

Are you on Quora? I certainly am but not each day. The churn there can really drive me crazy. My writing competitors in my niche consistently merge my answers so I get less views and the questions become a repeat. Like Yahoo Answers, the same question will be asked a thousand times and those meam that old questions can have answers from 2011 or from yesterday. So how do you get seen on Quora? It's both some guesses and some

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Understanding The True Impacts Of Engagement

Engagement is one of the hardest things to achieve. That statement probably goes without saying if you are reading this post. I churn through social media accounts day in and day out as best as I can to make headway in likes and traffic. I have a small team that helps me along the way when needed. That certainly does improve things, but most people don't have connections to just bring in some help.I have spent years learning each social

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Adding Ads To Your Website Without Looking Terrible

The reality is that ads are not native to the internet, and those that appear to be, are not honest content. I am referring to native advertisements, advertorials, or other names which are really just paid propaganda. Look, I get that running a website costs money but that's not why the internet was researched and developed. Marketing ruined much of our online experience and after the first check was written we just accepted that ads were normal.I always tell people

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The State of Podcasting In 2017

What is the state of podcasting? That is a very large question and one that is constantly discussed all over the internet. There are many considerations that go into a true picture of what is to come. Areas like location, genre, levels of production, and what listeners want to hear can be so sensitive to change. My goal is to try to discuss this in several parts and covering where it has been and where we are headed. Of course, this is an opinion

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Google’s Participation In The Podcast Medium

Google has finally followed suit this year, and joined Apple in the podcast directory world. Why not? After all it's even more data collection for their servers. This may even have amazing impacts on shows that didn't have a way to expand and rise on the iTunes platform like the pro's. Perhaps we will see new shows finally catch a break, or maybe it will just be another Android app in the Google Play store. Even though it's been months now, we

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Should You Create A Podcast Jingle, Or Just Buy One

Before we jump right into the in's and out's of adding some cool royalty-free music to your intros, I want to point out that there are many ways to edit and improve your episodes. You can start by having good equipment, working on tighter scripts, or even polishing the audio levels in Audacity. This piece of a podcast or even a video makes a difference, but not an overwhelming piece of the puzzle. This topic is geared towards the end process and

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Is Squarespace Right for Podcasts?

We hear about them everywhere we seek entertainment from. It seems that every YouTube channel or podcast show is sponsored by Squarespace or Audible. Why is this? I used to scratch my head in trying to understand why this is and I quickly realized that this is not what it seems. My gut says that they probably open the gates for everyone to join their affiliate program and pay for only the leads that each affiliate sends their way. Simply

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95% of the Internet Could Disappear Tomorrow & Would Be Fine

I have said this many times to people in the office or behind my keyboard like a true warrior. The Cosmos series with Neil DeGrasse-Tyson covers the 5 extinctions in Season 1, Episode 2 (S01E02) which is dark and a reminder that it could be gone in a moment. I firmly believe that if the 6th one was the internet and wiped away 95% of the websites, we wouldn't notice very much. This only matters if the top 100 websites

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How To Create Your First Blog Post

My first post generally is a welcome message and nothing too mind blowing. It's always worth giving an overview of your goals and expectations for potential readers so they know what to visit your site for and when they should. That first post is equal to meeting someone for the first time in-person and giving them an impression that they won't forget. Crafting a message that is meant to drive all future posts to come is tough, and maybe even

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The Reason The Same Companies Advertise On Many Podcasts

The most common question in the podcast universe has to be "How do I find sponsors for my show" by far.  This has been asked by shows that haven't even released an episode yet and shows that have dozens of episodes (The latter being more reasonable). The only platform they have to sell ad space on is audio and it's hosted on Podbean or Libsyn to name a couple. No website, no social presence most of the time and the

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Podcasting: Building The Audience Or Find Big Name Interviews First

There is lot of interest in starting a podcast which has been evident by the questions I see on Quora, daily emails and posts made in my community. People want to express themselves and take a shot at being a content creator through audio and share their thoughts. With the barrier-to-entry being very low by purchasing a microphone and downloading Audacity it's not wonder there is an endless stream of shows to pick from. The internet has not only been

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The Downsides of Republishing the Same Content To Other Blogs

Are you not feeling very creative or just want to get the writing part over already? I know the feeling, but I also know the reality of the results when taken by the yes or the no road. I was first asked this question on Quora, and wanting to write about the broader picture. The question was "Are there any downsides to republishing exact copy of your blog articles to Medium?" I gave a reasonable answer, but Quora can't have

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I Didn’t Forget To Like or Subscribe

This post is a bit "tongue in cheek" and meant as a jab at content creators that still lean on an expression that has been repeated, then repeated, and so on in every ending in the audio and video areas. I promise that I get it, applaud the effort, but I am also ready to move the pandering into a different direction. It's okay to pander a bit, but you have to consider if your pandering is effective or are

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Understanding High-Quality Content

You would expect that in 2016, a majority of online content creators would understand the value of high-quality content. Two shining examples of this level of content are platforms like Medium and Quora. It's understood that even these examples could be debated, however, for this context I am giving it the vote of confidence. These platforms reward quality with upvotes from people who value your answers and in some cases readers will following you so they can read future content. Quora

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Defining The Size Of The Podcast Market

This question was one of my favorites that came from Quora and while I answered it there, it's probably better that I take a deeper dive into this. My goal with my content is to give the deeper dives here while the other places I write get the abbreviated submissions.I need a reason for people to want to visit my site, listen to my podcast, or watch my videos. Now let's get into this topic of how many stars are

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