Earning Google Adsense Money From Any Niche

Adsense can be used on any type of blog except for ones that have gambling, adult content, or anything illegal. It's a straightforward ad revenue stream that Google has banked everything on. I think we can all agree that they have been highly successful in this area for the past 17'ish years. They outline all of their terms here in case you want something to read before bed.Before we break things down we should probably talk about ad blockers. They

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Things Needed To Podcast & Getting Advertisers

Running the AM Podcast Network gave me a lot of insight into the world of podcasting and the desire that so many have that step up to the microphone to cash in on the media. I don't blame them for putting the cart before the horse, but too many lose sight even before they get a couple episodes out. Money is always enticing to everyone I have ever met and I don't see that changing anytime soon.I want to separate these

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Adding Ads To Your Website Without Looking Terrible

The reality is that ads are not native to the internet, and those that appear to be, are not honest content. I am referring to native advertisements, advertorials, or other names which are really just paid propaganda. Look, I get that running a website costs money but that's not why the internet was researched and developed. Marketing ruined much of our online experience and after the first check was written we just accepted that ads were normal.I always tell people

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Local SEO & B2B Website Services In Angeles City

If you know and understand SEO then you will see by the title alone that I am tracking a specific phrase for our new transition (moving) here in Angeles City, Philippines. We are still in "hotel mode" but this time gives me something to chew on that I hadn't considered until I needed to search for a hotel. I had planned on only focusing on my 3 websites and not to search out for other opportunities...until now.I had planned on

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A Cool & Catchy Name For A Personal Blog

Name your blog before reading anything. Go ahead and do it right now! No, no, no...hold on, let's not do it that way. Some of the readers might be able to come up with the perfect name on the spot. Others will struggle with it for a long time and there is no right time to brainstorm. There is no expected time to come up with the perfect domain that all your readers will want to remember and visit. When

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How Do You Promote An App Or Company Without Connections

If you are a new startup in Silicon Valley or working out of your garage and hoping to make it big then you better have a lot of hustle in you. Today's world is competitive if you haven't figured that out already. You need to be waking up and executing and hustling till it's time for bed. You probably have hundreds of questions on how you get funded and everyone is looking for the same thing. I am not an

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Convincing Friends & Family Your Passion Is Greater Than Money

I can answer this with a couple of personal stories that are relatable. Someone asked this a few months back on Quora and I wanted to expand on it more and have some fun going through some of the best times in my life. I am a lucky dude by all accounts, but I am surrounded by people who love structure, money, or have no clue on what they would do with freedom to do what they like. It's mind boggling to me,

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Where To Find Blog Writers To Hire For Content Creation

There are plenty of people around the world that know content is the foundation of their online presence. Without it we are nothing online. If nothing else, it truly separates companies that focus on pushing sales copy and wait for sales from those that publish quality content. People want to read and share great information in all mediums, and it helps to build a relationship between you and them. If you just happened to stumble onto this post, you may

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Having To Choose Between Your Significant Other Or Your Job

This is a switch from some of the other topics I have covered, but still a great question from someone that clearly has a decision to make. Sometimes this happens and I know I have been here before as well. Relationships are hard and so is putting food on the table. I was listening to Joe Rogan's (JRE) podcast and there was a line that I appreciated in many ways. It was said as "100 years ago we didn't have

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Building A Team Abroad & Sell In The United States

In America, we are raised to think that we can do anything and become anyone we want to be. It's a no-limits position that we embrace through the years, and for most of us, it was simply something very sweet that our mom or dad told us. We had hoped that we could be an astronaut, the President of the United States, or a simple chef if we desired so. I made choices that led me to many forks in

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Annual Web Hosting Audit: Wiredtree & My Options

My loyalty seems fairly well documented by looking through all of my Wiredtree invoices. According to my billing ledger, I have been with them since April, 2008. For a company to get customers to stay for 8+ years is not very common these days by any stretch of the imagination. Americans consistently want the lowest prices (Wal-Mart's success proves this) and I personally have been brainwashed by the federal government that the lowest bidder always gets the contract. I have

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Frustrated With Digital Marketing & Just Need Some Ideas?

I have friends that have businesses and some of them are closer than others. Like everyone on the planet, I get phone calls from them. It's an hour on the phone or an email here and there, or perhaps a couple hours on Skype. I take all them without thinking about it because they are important and friends and family come first. I don't want their success or their riches. I am a talkative guy with some good ideas mixed

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Building A Start-up On A Budget

Money, competition, and the payoff has been my "M.O." since I was 4-5 years old. It is in my blood to make money and looking back at everything I am amazed that I got away with so much. At that young age, I went to the cellar of our house on Roosevelt Ave, in Taftville, CT and found a pile of magazines in a crate. This became my first venture into a "business" which was selling pornography to kids. I

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Is Blogging a Real Way To Make Money?

This question is asked more than any other regardless if it's online or meeting people in person. People have been convinced through ads, second-hand conversations, and the idea of sitting at home in your pajamas churning out cash from your blog that this is true and easy to set up. I have to recognize that people do make money from blogging, however, they are the few among tens of thousands who try. If you solely blog and do nothing else

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