Social Media Marketing is different than just the branding point of view. In this section we can dive deeper into how to use a platform to build an audience by marketing or sharing data that they enjoy. Most of us do each day with friends and family and in a lot of ways it comes natural. If you are trying to create a business or you have owned one for years and want some good insight then this is the section for that. Learning how to marketing using Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or any of the ones that are commonly used can be a difficult proposition and one that I enjoy writing about.

There are companies that have teams to be on every social platform possible and the majority of businesses have no one except maybe the owner posts on a Facebook page or a teenager down the road set up their Twitter profile. If that describes you then I hope to help you get past that and look at social in a new way. It’s possible to enjoy it and do business at the same time.

Understanding The True Impacts Of Engagement

Engagement is one of the hardest things to achieve. That statement probably goes without saying if you are reading this post. I churn through social media accounts day in and day out as best as I can to make headway in likes and traffic. I have a small team that helps me along the way when needed. That certainly does improve things, but most people don't have connections to just bring in some help.I have spent years learning each social

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Authors Can Leverage YouTube & Win With Patreon

If there is one thing that people want in life is money. We equate money to a worry-free existence and many paths have been well traveled to get to that point in life. All creators want is to stay at home and work online so they can express their gift for writing, painting, blogging, photography and the rest of the talents that one could use to make money. In the beginning of the internet, massive amounts of people flocked to

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Frustrated With Digital Marketing & Just Need Some Ideas?

I have friends that have businesses and some of them are closer than others. Like everyone on the planet, I get phone calls from them. It's an hour on the phone or an email here and there, or perhaps a couple hours on Skype. I take all them without thinking about it because they are important and friends and family come first. I don't want their success or their riches. I am a talkative guy with some good ideas mixed

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Building A Start-up On A Budget

Money, competition, and the payoff has been my "M.O." since I was 4-5 years old. It is in my blood to make money and looking back at everything I am amazed that I got away with so much. At that young age, I went to the cellar of our house on Roosevelt Ave, in Taftville, CT and found a pile of magazines in a crate. This became my first venture into a "business" which was selling pornography to kids. I

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Know What Facebook Spam Looks Like In Groups

I admin around 20 different Facebook groups and I used to be terrible at finding, ignoring, and blocking SPAM. I would get a couple requests a day from SPAM and I could usually figure out if it was legit but once in a while it would still get through. Once my groups started growing I got on the radar of a lot more SPAM'rs and it sucked. Sometimes one would get through even if I was sure that the account

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Ask For a Call to Action Directly, Most Will Say Yes

That's right! They might actually say yes if you just straight up ask them. Weird right? There are many methodologies out there from Gary Vee's Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook to the just ask method. I respect all of them because in the end it comes down to your comfort level and what works for you. If you are getting a high enough ratio of yes's to no's then keep truckin'. There is no set rule of thumb. There is only A/B Splits

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Reality Check: Your ReTweet Is Endorsement

I love seeing all of the brands and people on Twitter that add this funny little piece to their profiles "RT ≠ Endorsement". Well, it actually does and clearly you thought it did to anyone reading it, so you then decided that placing that note would be your fix. If you didn't think it related to your profile or wasn't worth retweeting for more attention, you simply wouldn't have done it...therefore not endorsing it. An exception to this rule would

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Blab May Very Well Change the Live Stream Game

Update: Blab shutdown it's service on August 6th, 2016 to begin working on another re-write of their service that will open it's platform to all. You can read the team's insight and plan here on Medium. You may not have heard about Blab before this post and that's to be expected since it was merely started in April, 2015. In fact, it took the developers only two weeks to code it and then release a Beta for public trial. For those that might

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Why YouTube and Facebook Video Can Work Together

There have been many questions over Facebook's aggressive entry into video and some have even questioned whether or not YouTube will lose their #1 position in online video. The short answer is No, and I want to explain why I am that confident to say this. The largest reason YouTube isn't going to lose it's hold on the video world is because it's entrenched and experienced. By that, I mean that you don't hear someone say "Let me Facebook that" for a video.

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Managing a Public Relations and a Social Media Disaster

There are those people who can grit through some public relation disasters and those that can’t. Being the face of a company when an employee or even yourself really messes up and your customers are more than happy to give some negative feedback can be tough. I will be the first to tell you that it can make you sick to your stomach. I have had sleepless weeks over a social media disaster, and I haven't even run some of

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Winning or Losing With Facebook

Facebook has been winning in traffic and new users for almost a decade now and things have been changing steadily as the platform has grown. Every website matures eventually and we continue seeing progress from the types of content you see in your Newsfeed to how a page benefits a business. Some critics will say that Facebook hasn't been good to them for a plethora of reasons, however, it’s the ability to adapt to change that brings success. The bigger question

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Kickstarter & Twitter for a Principal of a Poor School

During dinner with family a guest had stopped by to eat with us. My brother-in-law introduced him as the principal of the elementary school where he worked at. We spoke at length about religion, politics, and the people of the Philippines. This had been my first conversation with someone that was fluent in English and was also a very well educated professional. He had a deep understanding about his country and I respected that very much. We talked for a couple hours

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Do You or Your Business Need a Facebook Page?

Just a couple years ago Facebook pages were everywhere. It was automatic that a business had to have a Facebook page or they were never going to be seen. Fast-forward to now and I hardly ever see them mentioned on TV, business cards, or anywhere else. People rarely even talk about a page that I need to check out unless it's their's and they were just starting out. It's crazy how fast this internet moves and fads come in and

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All Push, No Community on Twitter…For Some

I have been on twitter full-time now for 3 months as of this post and I wanted to share some thoughts about the platform. My experience so far has been not as awesome as I would have hoped for. There are lot of tweets that bombard my stream, and it's difficult to digest so many links, ebook offers, or calls to save someone from an illness with a GoFundMe link. Given, part of this is my own fault for several reasons

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Should You SEO? Maybe We Should Talk Social Instead

I did a ton of SEO tactics in my website building years. That would be about 14 to be accurate. I consumed Digital Point, then later I wandered to Warrior Forum. You will notice I didn't link them, and please don't Google them. You are wasting your time if you do, just as if you were going to try to keep up with Google updates. If you do it right the first time, you don't have to worry about them.