Running a business can be challenging depending on your country or state and bringing it online can be a lot to worry about. I have been using eCommerce to make money since 2003’ish and haven’t stopped since. Learning how to write product descriptions, create a catalogue, import/export products, and all the other things to come along with it can be challenging. You can learn how to do it yourself or outsource it to a freelancer. Keep in mind that you should still know what the outcome should look like. This is one of the toughest things to tell a business owner. Your knowledge in this is critical.

So come on in and let’s see what we can help you with. I take a lot of time and effort in making sure I can offer the very best in making sure your eCommerce content is solid and you use the tools available to you.

Meet ARMember, the New Plugin For WordPress Membership Sites

I have tried several plugins in order to create a membership site here and all of them had a feature that I wanted missing or the support was absent. Others were too difficult to set up and I moved on after frustration kicked in. There are many plugins, forums, platforms, and everything else that you can use to bring in money to offset costs of servers and other expenses.I haven't tried every single one, but I will absolutely review all the

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How To Build An eCommerce Website For Free

I have been building eCommerce sites for years and it couldn't be any easier for someone who doesn't code (like me). There are many free scripts out there that are open source and we will dive into them shortly. I want to outline everything you need to build a path from start to finish without spending a ton of money. There is a new world in shopping online today and you can be a part of that if you want to build

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Building A Team Abroad & Sell In The United States

In America, we are raised to think that we can do anything and become anyone we want to be. It's a no-limits position that we embrace through the years, and for most of us, it was simply something very sweet that our mom or dad told us. We had hoped that we could be an astronaut, the President of the United States, or a simple chef if we desired so. I made choices that led me to many forks in

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Annual Web Hosting Audit: Wiredtree & My Options

My loyalty seems fairly well documented by looking through all of my Wiredtree invoices. According to my billing ledger, I have been with them since April, 2008. For a company to get customers to stay for 8+ years is not very common these days by any stretch of the imagination. Americans consistently want the lowest prices (Wal-Mart's success proves this) and I personally have been brainwashed by the federal government that the lowest bidder always gets the contract. I have

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What Free Ecommerce Platform Is Good For Digital Downloads

I have a couple stores that I sell downloadable goods and physical goods in. Sometimes selling digital downloads is the easiest way to go if you are a programmer selling plugins or a graphic designer selling some illustrations. The question is, what, where, and how do you sell them? Apple takes 30% commission rates for everything they sell on behalf if the content creators, and other marketplaces are very similar if not even more greedy when it comes to their

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4 Reasons Why Magento Belongs In My Ecommerce Portfolio

I don't always use Magento, but when I do, it's for a serious project. I love Magento, even though I don't talk about it as much as Prestashop, Zencart, or my new boo Woocommerce. It's only a "go-to" platform for me when I know I need the muscle, loads of features, and I am in the right frame of mind to invest the time into a mega project. Even though I currently manage 6 online stores, Magento is rarely an option

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Migrating From Prestashop To Magento

Well, I did it. It was my first time migrating from Prestashop to Magento CE 1.8.1 using Cart2Cart's web migrating tool. It was so easy and it worked perfectly. I figured I would write up a quick post about the choice, the experience, and overall benefit to doing this. If you have done this or are thinking about it, please add some comments below! Why I Made the Choice I sell digital downloads for one of my online stores

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