Building content is what we do around here. My goals is to provide unique ideas that help you in many areas. Building content can be designing an infographic, or writing an eBook. Content comes in all forms and not just a blog post. When you share on social you are building content. When you are typing out a newsletter for your audience you are creating it too! This is something I really enjoy doing and if you are the opposite of me and hate the idea of writing or designing then the internet might be a bad place to do business or much else on. If I can brainstorm with you about ways to build the content that your visitors then I want to do that.

I am always looking for ways to share new ideas with everyone while keeping my eyes and ears open for learning. If you have knowledge and want to share it with us then please get over to the guest blogging page and let’s pipe even more information out to the readers.

How Answers Go Viral On Quora

Are you on Quora? I certainly am but not each day. The churn there can really drive me crazy. My writing competitors in my niche consistently merge my answers so I get less views and the questions become a repeat. Like Yahoo Answers, the same question will be asked a thousand times and those meam that old questions can have answers from 2011 or from yesterday. So how do you get seen on Quora? It's both some guesses and some

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Understanding The True Impacts Of Engagement

Engagement is one of the hardest things to achieve. That statement probably goes without saying if you are reading this post. I churn through social media accounts day in and day out as best as I can to make headway in likes and traffic. I have a small team that helps me along the way when needed. That certainly does improve things, but most people don't have connections to just bring in some help.I have spent years learning each social

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Things Needed To Podcast & Getting Advertisers

Running the AM Podcast Network gave me a lot of insight into the world of podcasting and the desire that so many have that step up to the microphone to cash in on the media. I don't blame them for putting the cart before the horse, but too many lose sight even before they get a couple episodes out. Money is always enticing to everyone I have ever met and I don't see that changing anytime soon.I want to separate these

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Building A Successful Blog and Build Traffic

Building any site can be a very daunting task. Most people don't have the time or desire to learn the basics like HTML, CSS, Javascript, or other programming languages like Python. This is why they turn to services like Squarespace or Wix so they can streamline their message without the learning curve.I personally don't like these "easy builders" because of their inherent limitations. For some, it's just a convenient way to get a website up quickly and not worrying about

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The State of Podcasting In 2017

What is the state of podcasting? That is a very large question and one that is constantly discussed all over the internet. There are many considerations that go into a true picture of what is to come. Areas like location, genre, levels of production, and what listeners want to hear can be so sensitive to change. My goal is to try to discuss this in several parts and covering where it has been and where we are headed. Of course, this is an opinion

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Meet ARMember, the New Plugin For WordPress Membership Sites

I have tried several plugins in order to create a membership site here and all of them had a feature that I wanted missing or the support was absent. Others were too difficult to set up and I moved on after frustration kicked in. There are many plugins, forums, platforms, and everything else that you can use to bring in money to offset costs of servers and other expenses.I haven't tried every single one, but I will absolutely review all the

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Postmatic Deserves a Spotlight & a Full Review

To start things out I need to clear up a couple things that might be confusing upfront. This post is about Postmatic Basic, the free version of their plugin that you can reply by email to comments. They also have Postmatic that is a subscription service that I am not covering in this review because I feel that the majority of people wanting to know more will be Basic users until they bring in the revenue to justify the cost.

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Should You Create A Podcast Jingle, Or Just Buy One

Before we jump right into the in's and out's of adding some cool royalty-free music to your intros, I want to point out that there are many ways to edit and improve your episodes. You can start by having good equipment, working on tighter scripts, or even polishing the audio levels in Audacity. This piece of a podcast or even a video makes a difference, but not an overwhelming piece of the puzzle. This topic is geared towards the end process and

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How To Build An eCommerce Website For Free

I have been building eCommerce sites for years and it couldn't be any easier for someone who doesn't code (like me). There are many free scripts out there that are open source and we will dive into them shortly. I want to outline everything you need to build a path from start to finish without spending a ton of money. There is a new world in shopping online today and you can be a part of that if you want to build

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My SEO In the Past & My SEO Approach Now

I think this conversation can be beneficial for many people, and for others, a walk down memory lane. Time and knowledge has been collected through the years by large companies and absolutely changed how we rank in organic search each day. There are hundreds of companies collecting our information for the purpose of targeting us to buy something based on out profile. I particularly hate these companies and they know this which is why they don't promote themselves publicly. With

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Where To Find Blog Writers To Hire For Content Creation

There are plenty of people around the world that know content is the foundation of their online presence. Without it we are nothing online. If nothing else, it truly separates companies that focus on pushing sales copy and wait for sales from those that publish quality content. People want to read and share great information in all mediums, and it helps to build a relationship between you and them. If you just happened to stumble onto this post, you may

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Authors Can Leverage YouTube & Win With Patreon

If there is one thing that people want in life is money. We equate money to a worry-free existence and many paths have been well traveled to get to that point in life. All creators want is to stay at home and work online so they can express their gift for writing, painting, blogging, photography and the rest of the talents that one could use to make money. In the beginning of the internet, massive amounts of people flocked to

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How To Create Your First Blog Post

My first post generally is a welcome message and nothing too mind blowing. It's always worth giving an overview of your goals and expectations for potential readers so they know what to visit your site for and when they should. That first post is equal to meeting someone for the first time in-person and giving them an impression that they won't forget. Crafting a message that is meant to drive all future posts to come is tough, and maybe even

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Starting A Blog To Learn Digital Marketing

If you woke up tomorrow and decided you didn't want to be a bank teller, fitness instructor, or even a manager of a small business and wanted to do something else to bring you back home, then this article might be for you. If you are a digital marketer, but don't really know how to do it very well, this is also for you. If you are a digital marketing that makes serious cash and want a place to laugh

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Building A Team Abroad & Sell In The United States

In America, we are raised to think that we can do anything and become anyone we want to be. It's a no-limits position that we embrace through the years, and for most of us, it was simply something very sweet that our mom or dad told us. We had hoped that we could be an astronaut, the President of the United States, or a simple chef if we desired so. I made choices that led me to many forks in

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