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I always seem to be downloading and running different platforms & software either for my websites of local machine. I run FreeNas 9.3 for my home server, love my Linux Mint distro, and loath the thought of being on Windows 8.1. I didn’t even take the free update to Windows 10. Why you might ask? Because if it’s free then you are the product. This applies to Microsoft and not Linux as it’s community driven. My point is that while I am building computers, setting up the podcast studio or learning VMWare to run whatever OS I want, it’s always something new. That “new” could be good or bad and that is why I want to review it. If you have something particular you want me to check out and review then please send over an email and let me know. If it’s paid software I may pass on the idea depending on what it does and how much it costs. I want to focus on the platforms & software that many people will likely be using or thinking about switching from their old stuff to the new stuff.