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This section of the site is about hardware reviews. Anything that I have touched, used, and deserves to be written about in a negative or positive way is here. I go through PC case, HDDs, SSDs, and build systems all the time. They are part of what makes a business run so I have to cover here. Besides, sometimes I have a lot of fun doing so and I even film some of the builds with my son as the camera man. I have built servers, routers, and computers for the last 20 years. I want to breakdown barriers for people that think hardware is intimidating or a waste of time. Getting the correct components can make a huge difference in productivity. While I am not an edge user, I am familiar with what works and how to get the most out of my workstations. If you find that I have yet to cover a piece of hardware feel free to email me and I will do my best in fixing that.