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Sometimes I don’t want to post on Facebook or Twitter and I have more to say in a quick blog session. I keep social posts small and visual when possible, but it can be very confining. This small to medium size post is more a generalized post that I can share some random thoughts that maybe don’t relate to what I normally write. Either way, my goal is to give myself the freedom to bring discussion to the site when possible. The topics I will continue to avoid here are politics, sex, and religion. Those are the 3 things my hairdressing teacher taught me during high school. Talk all you want, but never about those 3 topics. I look forward in giving this new found freedom to myself so people can come here for some laid back discussion as well. I will have another section that is a quick blog with pictures. That’s specifically a image oriented post and this section isn’t. That’s not to say I can’t share an image or too. That’s the separation of the 2 and hopefully it will keep the different types of content in their own confines.