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Search Engine Optimization, or simply known as SEO, has been an industry since Google arrived as the dominant search engine and gave people a way to optimize for higher search results. Organic traffic is the holy grail which is also the top 3 spots on page one of a keyword you want people to find you with. People have been trying to get any advantage as possible because for many companies, a slip in search rankings can mean bankruptcy. SEO didn’t make it into my feild of view until around early 2005 as I started building my websites to beat everyone in the keywords that I wanted. I know each and every way to outrank my opponents and to some it made a huge deal. Most of the SEO advantages have disappeared through Google updates and manual penalties applied for getting caught at manipulating the search results. This game of cat and mouse is one that is difficult and expensive. This section of the site will discuss the SEO field and techniques that people and businesses can use to getting better positions in search engines.