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Business Decisions

Owning, starting, or taking over a business can be a challenging endeavor. Those business decisions can be ones that steady the ship into profits, or quickly sink it with bad move after bad moves. I can point to 20 years of experience in bad decisions I have seen people make to include me when I was just starting out. As the saying goes that you have to fail in order to succeed doesn’t have to be true, but for many like me it is. I have had many challenges that I have forged through and yet I am back to build something special and unique for all to read, listen to, or watch on YouTube. It’s exciting to think about the risk versus reward. If you are making those business decisions then I know how hard it can be. Not every decision is going to be the right one, but as long as you learn from the experience you are gaining wisdom. That wisdom is what I hope to pass on through my blog.