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Corporate Identity & Branding

Corporate Identity & Branding can be an interesting topic and something that I have found many companies struggle to do because it costs too much, or there isn’t enough time. Getting this area correct can make a huge difference. Think about the big brands you can think of and why you remember them. They were really good at this if you do remember the name and products the sell. Corporate Identity was probably my favorite class while completing my B.F.A. and I have applied the practice to all of my website to the best of my abilities. Corporate Identity is consistently representing your business using text, audio, or visual cues that relate together. Basically, if I went to a business’s website and then to their social pages, would I be able to tell right away that they match or have a consistent look? That is what I try to bring to the table in every project I am involved with. Branding on the other hand is promoting a product or service on top of using the identity. A large corporation may have multiple products to sell and therefore need a consistent look that in some cases leverages both the identity of the business with the branding of it’s product.